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Proud new Saiga .223 owner

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Hello everyone. I just bought a new Saiga .223, and I'm excited to say the least. I normally don't care for the standard configuration of an AK, but these Saigas look great. I haven't had an opportunity to shoot it yet, but I'll make sure to provide a range report when I do.


If it performs as well as I hope it does, I'll start saving up to get another within a year or so. Maybe a .308 with the long barrel.


One question: If the 1994 AWB ends this coming year (hope springs eternal), are there any plans to import higher capacity magazines? Also, I'd love to see some thumbhole stocks for these rifles.



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Well, I got a chance yesterday to shoot the Saiga. I only did some short range plinking (25 - 80 yards), but so far I'm very happy with it. I hit everything I aimed at shooting offhand. Considering my eyes aren't the greatest, that really means something. The rifle worked flawlessly, and I'm looking forward to doing some shooting at ranges out to 200 yards or more.

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Well I joined the Saiga owners yesterday when I traded for a new Saiga 223. Shot it yesterday afternoon, and I like it.


I am looking forward for the new year when some drop in one piece after market stocks pistol grip and thumbhole stocks may be available. I also want to change the sights as I am not a big fan of the Soviet open sight system, but I sure cant complain for the price, cheapest 223 out there.

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Welcome to the club Onepoint. You're right that it may be the cheapest out there, but I think these Saigas are great bang for the buck. I think the .223 model is the perfect compromise between AK reliability and AR accuracy. As for sights, I'm looking for a decent scope to help me out with those 100+ yard shots anyway. The Soviet open sight system may not be the greatest, but they work ok for those shots out to 100 yards or so. Then again, my eyesight requires a scope for the longer shots.

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I have had SKSs for years, and am pretty familiar with how the system works. SKSs are for the most part milled, where the AKs are stamped, kind of hard to get used too, but it works well and thats what I bought it for. Its a baragin for a 223 compared to any but maybe a handi rifle, and thats a single shot.


I like to mess around a modify and personalize my rifles, this is a good one to work with from the looks of it.


I will probably put a scope on also, and I see there are already sights to replace factory ones. I compared the Saiga to a Vepr today, and though the VEPR is stronger built and very solid, it still is mostly stamped, with the same sights and twice the money, I'm happy I went this way instead.

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