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Wild Turkey Vs. Saiga-410

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As you guys are probably aware -- I like to use the 410 to hunt things some people think can't be taken down effectively with a small bore shotgun and prove it can be done. The S-410 is one of my favorites for doing such. I have previously posted the results from a successful deer hunt with the S-410 and slugs and now I have a successful wild turkey hunt to display as well.


Called him in with decoys and a ground blind to about 15-20 yards and blasted him with a 3" load of #4 shot with the Saiga #3 full+ choke constriction on the barrel. Red dot sight put the red dot on his head and squeezed off. Who says you have to use an ultra magnum 3-1/2" 12ga. super-magnum 2+ oz. heavy turkey load ??? Just call them in reasonably close and make your shot(s) count.


Special credit goes to, Eric, who works part time as basically a hired hand as rent payment on a farmers place near-by and took me out and did the actual calling while I did the trigger work. He already got his earlier in the season with bow and arrow.




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Nice bird!


We need a Saiga Hunting Section!


Out in the old days in Montana, we used to shoot them with reduced loads in .222 Rem and solids. Shoot for the heart using scopes. The older reloading books even discussed the best loads for this.


Now you need to hunt up some cranberries! Good job!


Carry on!

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I love reading stories like these! I've not had a chance to take my S-410 out in search of a turkey yet, but I'm hoping to bloody her soon. I'm always amazed at how people call the .410's way to underpowered for anything, but a #4 pellet at 1300 fps is the same regardless of what bore/gauge it's fired from. Obviously the patterns tend to thin out, but as you've proved, if you keep your shots close you can be successful. A miss with a 3 1/2" 12 gauge is still a miss!

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