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Wow! I volunteered to help out at the NRA annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. I was assigned to the sign-in/membership desk. Holy Crap, Batman! It was an endless sea of humanityy. On Friday, we opened at 8:00. I did not get a moments rest until I was relieved by the second shift at 2 PM. :cryss: We signed up THOUSANDS of new members. Some people had to wait outside for two hours to get in because the Fire Marshall said we were creating an unsafe situation with all the people waiting in the hallways and blocking the exits. Saturday was a LOT busier, but the lines were manageable. Again, no break until after 1:30 PM and steady almost until closing time at 6 PM. Even today was way busier than anybody expected, but things calmed down enough for me to go see Uncle Ted's show at 12:30. He was incredible, as usual. He armed me with a crushing line to use when somebody is whining about having to pay $25.00 for a one year membership. Here it is: "Somewhere there is a dead Marine in a body bag who volunteered and died for your freedom to be able to join the NRA. Are you willing to let his death be in vain by not joining?" :eek: A little harsh, but pretty much right on. :ded:

From the preliminary numbers, all previous records of attendance, membership and fundraising were smashed in a grand fashion. Maybe the lame-asses in DC will sit up and take notice and think twice before they try to do anything to infringe upon our 2nd Amendment Rights. I am fully aware that they don't give a rat's ass about what we think, but I can always hope for positive "change."

I did find out one humorous story. Remember the free memberships? Well it turns out the advertising department started and ran that campaign without consulting with Membership Services first. I told them that it sounded like something the government would do. :rolleyes:

Hey!!! Let's keep this momentum going and recruit as many new members as possible. :super:

See you next year in NC!!!

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