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My Pro Mag ten rounder works flawlessly. The AGP mag needed more fitting and I had to smooth out the rough spots with a fired full length Russian case before it worked without snags. If anyone has a Pro Mag magazine they don't want, I'll be glad take it off your hands provided I have the toy which uses that magazine.


Generally I am happy with Pro Mag products and they functioned well for me. The Ruger 10/22 twenty five rounder works better with 23 rounds and the Mini-14 twenty rounder needed to be fitted to work well. I don't work for them nor do they pay me to vouch for their products, I only give my honest opinion as a user.


Making plastic products is an art as much as a science. Part shrinkage is not always what is predicted and the mold needs to be adjusted either by removing metal or adding metal by plating with hard chrome. The mold makers at Pro Mag do a great job as do their engineers. If they were closer to home then I would love to work for them as an engineer.

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my father taught me when i was a kid to pay a little more for a better quality product and not be dissapointed in the end. . . all my mags are AGP

+1, after fitting and fighting with the promag i had i quickly learned its home was in the trash,

agps and md arms drum FTW



If you can recover it from the trash send it to me. I'll pay the postage. Send me a PM.

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