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This is a Superchips MicroTuner for your Dodge pickup or SUV. This works on gas-powered trucks (not diesel) and will increase horsepower by 10% and torque by 13%. It also has a Diagnostic Trouble Code display to tell you if there are any problems with your truck (useful when the "check engine" light or other dash light comes on). The microtuner plugs into the diagnostic port under your dash and has several programs to reprogram your truck's computer for performance, increasing top speed limiter and rev limiter, or increased towing. It also will recalibrate your speedometer based on the size tires you have. It copies the original factory data first so at the touch of a button, the vehicle can be returned to stock configuration. I used this on my Dakota 5.9L and got two seconds better in my 0-60mph and four miles per gallon better fuel mileage! I returned it to stock and sold the truck so I don't need this tuner anymore. Comes in box with all paperwork and instructions.



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