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Step-by-Step Conversion with Pics!

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Thank you, thank you , thank you (do I sound like Gomer Pyle?). I have a bid in for one of these, and if I win, I'll be doing the conversion myself. I have been watching a video on YouTube about this conversion. I'm ecstatic that you've included some close-ups on this conversion. The video was lacking in many aspects, but expect to see me here again in the near future. The video mentioned drilling two small holes under the front sight pin, but didn't mention how the holes are positioned. Lots of little details on the trigger group, too. I'm sure I'll get the details soon.


Cool site...

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Step 7:   Now it's time to hack up the Tapco G2 FCG.     If you notice, there isn't a disconnector spring included with the kit. You need to reuse the spring from your factory kit.     On

It seems like there are many first time Saiga owners looking for some advice on how to move the FCG forward and install a pistol grip on their S12.   It just so happens I picked up a second Saiga a

One suggestion: When removing the trigger guard, only grind off the rear two rivets, then use a Dremel cut-off wheel to carefully cut through the plate in front to remove the trigger guard. This leave

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hi ,

if you want to screw up you new gun you will listen to this guy Iraqveteran8888and eight video's and his drilling method to fix gas block ports .this guy is is a hack all correct in for the conversion is on this site, ask all questions here read all info here we are here to help

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Step 7:


Now it's time to hack up the Tapco G2 FCG.




If you notice, there isn't a disconnector spring included with the kit. You need to reuse the spring from your factory kit.




On the regular AK hammer, there is a bump that needs to be removed for the hammer to properly strike the firing pin. While you have your Dremel in hand, don't stop there. The right side of the hammer needs to be ground down for clearance and prevent rubbing the BHO. I used the factory hammer as a guide.


attachicon.gif32.jpg attachicon.gif33.jpg


While I was at it, I decided to polish the hammer face, and the part of the hammer that makes contact with the sear. I did this to improve smoothness of trigger pull, and smoothness of the action. I did not remove any material from either surface.




Step 8:


Now it is time to reassemble the FCG and BHO. To be honest, there was no way I could take pictures of myself doing this. I was too busy swearing. Instead, I will provide a link to an awesome video that helped me.


Step 9:


Time to pat yourself on the back, you did it!!!


attachicon.gif35.jpg attachicon.gif36.jpg



First time in the forum,and still not sure where to ask, but it seems that you coud give me a good answer.

1)Is it possible to convert a saiga 12 shotgun into a saiga 308 rifle?

2)Would the cost of the extra parts be prohibitive for the complition of the attempt?

3)Is there anyone who has tried so, in the past?

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1) No, at least not without a whole 308 rifle for parts.  Also, the receivers are not really similar in design


2) Yes, I suppose it would cost as much as a 308 and an S-12 put together, and it still might not ever run properly.


3 3) if there is someone here who's tried it, they'll never tell.




No offense intended my friend, but that may be the strangest request I've seen here; why on earth would you want to do that?

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I followed Iraqveteran8888's videos this, thread and a Carolina shooter supply video. I used a combination of the 3 methods. 


If you are about to convert yours you need a new axis pin retaining spring. You can't reuse the original with a pistol grip. I didn't realize this until I was almost done putting it back together.


You should add the spring to the list of parts needed. Unless you have a way to reuse it. 

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I have what may be considered an unusual 'conversion' question and I did not see it covered here.

I have a mostly stock S12 except for a new gas plug and adjustable choke on it.  I hate the heavy trigger on it, but I do not want to relocate the trigger forward as the typical conversion does.  You see I like the sporting configuration of the buttstock of the gun. 


Can one simply install a US made new hammer with disconnecter to get a lighter trigger pull of say less than 7 lbs?  The current pull is very heavy, feels like at least 10 lbs. 

When in a couple months I set up a "shop area" in my house I will start start looking seriously at my S12 and S308.  The worst issue for both them now is the factory trigger pull. 

If you use US made mags, plus a new hammer, and the gas plug I should be good to go with +5 capacity magazines and drums and still have something that handles like a traditional shotgun.  You can also take such a gun to states that prohibit pistol grips. 

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Advance applogies if this is a dumb newb question.


I bought my Saiga-12 (Legion) a couple of years ago and put a Tapco T-6 stock with pistol grip on it right away.  Since I now have a pistol grip and adjustable stock with the FCG and all in the stock postion would there be any additional advantage or reason to do this sort of conversion?  I've also changed the spring, puck and gas plug and it shoots quite well and has no problems cycling anything from 3" slugs to the low brass #8 BS Winchester val pak from Walmart.

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