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"Giveaway Contest" -- Gunfixer's Improved Gas Plug

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Dear Saiga-12.com members and enthusiasts,


This week, courtesy of MD Arms, Ltd., I received a brand new Gunfixer's Improved Gas Plug (due to a MD-20 drum I purchased from Mike many months ago). Since I already have a Gunfixer's Gas Plug installed in my Saiga shottie, I'd like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude for this exceptional forum by hosting a free giveaway contest.





The rules for this giveaway are very simple, so please follow them and lets not make this more difficult than it should be.


This is open to Saiga-12.com forum registered members & above, living in the Continental United States (CONUS); sorry, I will not ship overseas.


This giveaway will run for approximately one week. You are allowed to enter ONLY ONCE by posting within this thread a reply, "I'm IN!" It's that simple, and your post count number is what I will use as your entry number.


I will use a random number generator website on Saturday, June 20th, to determine the winner. (Naturally, the random number generator will not include #1; this initial thread post.)


Once the winner is selected I will announce who it is within this thread and contact the individual by PM and request a mailing/shipping address to send the Gunfixer's Improved Gas Plug by USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. I will also forward that tracking/delivery confirmation number to the winner via PM.


Pretty simple, right? :rolleyes: Let's see how bad we can screw this up.... NOT!


If you have a question regarding this giveaway contest, please just fire-off a PM to me so as not to screw-up the posting counts within this thread. I promise to be quick with a PM reply back to you.



Good luck to all that enter!



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very cool of you to do this Gary!

Dag-gummit!!!!!!!!! :angry: . . . :angry: . . . :angry: . . . . . .. :wacko:


Okay Mr. Juggernaut, Moderator Sir.... I appreciate the kind words... but in posting them, without stating "I'm IN!" you've already screwed things up! :P


Okay; so let's try this again: The random generator creator will begin with the number 4 (discounting these first three posts).


headshot -- Since you unwittingly posted prior to my completing this reply post, your official entry number will be #4.... and thank you so much for following the simple rules!





Edited by Gary
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