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Will a Saige eat less than 2 3/4?

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3in = Bad?

No, 3" are just fine, gun is designed to fire them.


Just make sure your using the lowest gas setting and OEM recoil spring.

Not alot of added benefit, except perhaps for some hunting.

I wouldn't shoot'em alot, as they can/will increase normal wear & tear.



No, do not shoot anything less than 2 3/4"... The gun is NOT designed for'em... Safety first!

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I often wondered about having the 2" round at the very top of a magazine and the rest of the shells be regular 2.75" stuff. I would think that would help with loading the mag on a closed bolt....but as ChileRelleno said, safety first. It's not worth it.




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Well, if you're gonna be trying to fire shells either shorter than 2 3/4" or longer than 3", just be sure someone's there to film it and put it on youtube for our entertainment! :lol:


Seriously though, no, don't try it. 2 3/4" or 3" shells only for the Saiga-12.

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Thanks guys, ill keep the shorts for the pump. I just boult them to experiment with. The 2in 00bk centurions add 1 extra round in a tube mag so you can roll with 10 rounds in a tact pump. The 1 3/4 slugs let u carry 11, very low recoil and accurate @50yd. Not all pumps will cycle them either, winchester does while a mossberg wont. of course in the saiga mag they dont serve any purpose anyway.

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