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brenneke special forces slugs

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I have a box of Black Magic short magnums and full magnums. Honestly, at around $2 a round and the fact that the powder charge seems to be about twice that of 00 buck, I'm a bit hesitant to shoot them. :lol:

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Brenneke slugs are meant to be shot through smoothbores. The Special Forces Short Mag is the same thing as the Green Lightning. Both are 1.25 ounces at 1476 fps. Black Magic Short Mags are lighter at 1 ounce, and cook a little faster. The color you see in the picture of the slug is actually paint. It coats the lead to lubricate it and prevent fouling in the barrel.


If you haven't tried Brennekes, get some cheaper K.O.'s and try them out. Brenneke slugs are solid hard cast lead with a sharp wadcutter shoulder, and a plastic wad/sabot thing attached to the rear for stability. Foster slugs, on the other hand, are hollowed out pieces of soft lead with a round nose. In my experience, Brennekes group tighter and have WAY better terminal ballistics than Fosters.


From left to right, a copper sabot (for rifled shotguns only), a Brenneke slug, and a Foster slug.


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If its lead its probably similar to a slug cast from wheel weight lead maybe with some antimony IIRC added to make it harder.


I know from my own messing around that a wheel weight slug will not mushroom like a soft lead slug and can penetrate through a lot more .

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I have shot alot of the brenneke ammo and they work great in smooth bore I have not tryed the special forces though. Used alot of the K.O and Green good stuff no problems with feeding that I have had

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