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Question on s.308 conversion

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Hello all new forum member here. Ive been reading the forum for some time now gathering information about the saiga .308. Especially the 21inch barrel one, but i don't like the factory stock and was wondering what steps i would have to go through to mount a CAA, SRS or ARS stock onto ths saiga reciever. thanks for your time. : )

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Welcome to the forums, first off I would recommend a conversion with the FCG moved up to the proper spot. The FCG and trigger pull on the S308 is exceptionally bad even compared to other non converted saigas such as the .223 or the 12ga(IMHO). As far as stocks go there are plenty of options out there with the proper adapter. Check out some of the forum vendors for the varied selection of stocks for the saiga. If you wanna check out how some of em look check out the tacked picture thread. Good luck and welcome.

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I agree with XXasdf about the crappy trigger pull. I own a 21.8" barrel S308. I put the Saiga "skeletonized" stock on mine. Think Dragunov. I did not move my trigger group. And personally I dont want to. I like the length of pull as is. The kind of setup you are going for should dictate which stock to use and whether to move the trigger group.

Looks like you are going the "tactical" route. With those stocks you mention, you will have to move the trigger group. I may get flamed for this, but the 21" 308 is no lightweight and it is quite front heavy. In my opinion better suited to tracking a target and picking your shot than run and gun so to speak. Not saying you cant do that, but keep that in mind.

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