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fiber optics on Saiga?

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Hey Kimo! Welcome Newbie! I am sure there are a few of us that would love to give you some advice or opinion, but I, for one, do not have the foggiest idea of what you are referring when you talk about the use of "fiber optics" on a Saiga. :unsure: Could you please explain what you are referring to? Thanks!

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I don't, but would love to if I could find a suitable platform for them.


I have a long light-gathering fiber on a bird gun and was stunned at how well it works in low-light (though not true dark) conditions. Would make me happy to put one on my Saiga...if I could just figure out how to mount the damned thing.


Any thoughts?

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Don't know if I want to go tritium....I am looking at adding the mount used to mount a light on my Remington 870 on the barrel for a light and laser.


I still would like to put a fiber optic on. I was thinking of the Godot II that mounts over the barrel on a shotgun...sort of a snap on thing.

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I'm not sure the barrel clamp style is going to work the best since the barrel is mounted below the gas system and the line of sight will be off. Tromix makes/made a screw on version that takes the place of the Saiga fron bead or you can fabricate something for the Krebs front sight using cut down fiber optic tubes (but it's time consuming).



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I have a tritium front post mounted with my Krebs. Works as advertised, nice green dot in low/no light. Easy to install and when you draw a bead at night all you have to do is put the dot where you want it...:)

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Not being a machinist I have to limit my home gunsmithing adventures to whatever my trusty Dremel will handle.


The front sight on my Saiga is swaged in place much like a rivet. Getting it out then drilling and tapping a hole would have been painful and who knows if I could get the hole to be perfectly vertical. Add to that the fact that the resulting threaded hole would be subjected to the hot gases in the puck area and I could not see any way for me to reasonably install a nice tritium or XS front sight.


More than a year ago a fellow with the screen name philg80 posted his idea for a replacement front sight. I bought a HiViz fiber optic sight. I left the front sight on and used it as a physical stop and protection for the fiber optic. It is firmly and solidly attached using Loctite Extreme that I picked up at Walmart. Here are some pics of what I've done. Note Cobra's vented gas tube handguard.





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