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Kitchen Tip: How to Check for the Hotness of Jalapenos

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Actually, Will, I grew up in the same town as the Culinary Institute of America, and worked for several famous chefs, as well as in a few upper class resturaunts.....yet another thing I know how to do well is cook.....


Im actually weaponizing some of my crop, making a condiment bottle of sauce (refilling one of cobra's bottles, actually), and making my own sauce out of the rest.....i have to puree the different peppers and mix small amounts to get the right blend that Im going for, still. Cant find some of my kitchen stuff, like my GOOD knife and blender of all things.....


you shoulda seen the look on the clerks face when i told him what the pot grinder i bought from him was actually gonna be used for....grinding habenero seed into dust :)




Well I say go for it.


I'm sure Shannon will give you help if you need it.

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Will - Ill send you some when I am happy with the flavor of it. you can tell me what you think. I am not going for blistering, one teaspoon per pot, heat. Im making a little bit of that, as well, though.


I already have a recipe that Ive written, and only need to get my percentages of pepper types right at this point. I know exactly the flavor i want. I am also planning, as I said, to weaponize some, but fearing legalities of producing what im doing and how im doing it to the inet for one, I will not be posting more than that about that whole deal :) maybe as a form of sick entertainment, the next time I see Tom and Vicki, ill let them test it on me, for their pleasure......


My peppers seem to really REALLY like the spot I have them in, and my technique of "dont weed it unless i gotta, fertilize the shit out of it, and water it till the property is flooded" as well as the sandy ground they are in. My friend in NY, for instance, mailed me down a few seeds that he uses, and mine seem twice as hot as his do. I have grown vegetables almost for my entire life.


My only help Id need is if its too hot or not hot enough, but I have taste testers down here that are eagerly awaiting the test taste....


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Stuff those peppers with cream cheese,garlic and dried tomato, wrap em in bacon and grill those bad boys!


My Grandfather used to wait until about 1/2 the peppers turned red, and then he would bull the entire plant and hang it by the roots from the back porch rafters. As a kid I was amazed when he would take his hat off and fill it with dried peppers, and sit at the kitchen table eating dried peppers and washing them down with straight whiskey. That was a M.A.N.!

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