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james peek

is this a full auto fire control group

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This is kind of bringing up an old topic, but I just stumbled across this at Gunbrokers. The item listed is an AR lower receiver with the 3 position fire control switch. Wouldn't this be kind of an "intent" sort of rifle, even if you built it to the semi-auto status?

link of the picture and details of the part in question: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=150573213

Here we go with "intent" again. . .


There are no laws on selector switch markings or range of travel on guns.


So long as it doesn't actually go full auto, there isn't an issue.


Most FALs I've seen have a 3 position selector swtich, as have the Cetmes, G3s, Tantals (not to mention innumerable AKs), and others.


None of the above actually fire full auto, even though you can move the switch to that position.

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Just bringing this up because of Ben Vamp's post #29 above. I know it's not set up as a full auto selector, but then again neither was that 3rd hole on the Saiga receivers that did not have the internals to make it shoot full auto.

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Parts like that are sold all over the place, and can be purchased and used by any of the no doubt thousands of Title One AK owners in the US. Parts do wear out, and they do need to be replaced.


The Third hole omission is the modification that was required by UncleBATFecker for semi auto design approval. The Romanian Guarda Rifles were Semi Only to begin with, but would not be allowed into the country as they were Classified as "Machineguns" under the readily convertible clause. Its just too easy to drop a couple parts in the third hole receiver to make it a full auto, despite how the gun originally functioned. So they were torchcut. Since it is classified as 3rd hole=machinegun, those Saiga's which were mistakenly imported, were Machinegun Receivers, which were then modified to function as semi only (i believe the third hole was riveted). This was a big no-no under the "Once a machinegun, always a machinegun" doctrine which no longer allows things like Welded over M14's to be sold to civilians when their service life is up and they are sent to surplus. So now they cut those up too.


In time, (as the Brady Bunch has pointed out several times) it is likely that the "readily convertible" clause can be extended to all semi auto rifles and handguns, as in fact, any semi auto can be converted to Full Auto fire in one way or another, and "readily" is a non defined term which can change in interpretation, with nothing more than a memo. Regardless, a third hole on an AK will always = Machinegun.


Oh, and a big plus to GARY N4KVE, for pointing out that FA FCG can easily be turned into Semi FCG. There is no law that says you have to throw away your original potentially historical factory parts, you just cant put them in their original condition in a current US MADE firearm. Personally, i like the tapco trigger, and its an easy source of parts count, but lots of people use original FCG (modified) in pistol builds and things that dont require 922r.

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