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cutting down barrel

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I am going to cut down my barrel and permanently attach a poly choke. Not a SBS.


My question is, doesn't a polychoke come apart? so technically I need to keep the barrel at a length that does not include the removable portion of the poly choke?


Or not?



That is correct. Also, you need to be careful during this process. If you plan on cutting the barrel down to less than 18", legally you need to remove the barrel from the firearm, cut it, permanently attach the muzzle device, and then reattach the barrel to the weapon. If you leave the barrel in place, for that short time it's cut down but before the muzzle device is permanently attached, you are in possession of an unregistered SBS. Yes, it's a picky technical legal detail, but BATFE can take "anal attention to detail" to a whole new level.


Alternatively you could have someone licensed do it for you. As you may need to mod the gas system, it might not be such a bad idea anyway.

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Also be aware that your gun may not be able to cycle after this modification.


Some guns barely cycle at their factory length, others do fine a little shorter.



+1 on what Bob said............and remember soft soldering is not a perm way of ataching the polychoke (Blind pins, Welding, silver solder....ect are required)

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+1 to everything already mentioned.



Also, you are correct in that you do not want to figure any measurement to the removable section of the Polychoke. Calculate to the ends of the "fingers" inside.



This is something I'm considering myself, but it wouldn't be with a Polychoke I don't think. Mine has 4 unobstructed ports and cycles fine, so I don't think it would be as much of an issue. Stranger things have been known to happen though.




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