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Saiga .410 w/Slugs for Deer Hunting

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I've been a browser on this forum for a while, and I've been able to learn a bunch from everybody here and the handy search button :)


I picked up a S-410 last year and converted it in an evening; talk about fun! The place where I work allows employees to hunt on the grounds (4000 acres), but only allows slug guns or bows. I've never been constrained to a slug gun, so I don't have a purpose made machine and am thinking of employing the Saiga until I decide it's something I like (Hunting with a slug gun). I know there has been at least one report on here by a member who harvested a deer with his S-410, I was just wondering what the consensus was on useful range and recommended ammunition for the purpose.


I'm planning on using Brenneke 3" slugs, unless someone has a better recommendation. I also need a good scope mount (I really prefer optics even though the distances will be short), and want something that doesn't sit super high like most of them; any recommendations for one?


Anything else I should know/be prepared for? Thanks!


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I'm still a fan of low profile scope mounting on the topcover.......I know it doesn't cost as much and you can use a normal scope you have laying around, but I have had great results with a tight mounted cover on my shotguns.......I think I still have a couple of the top mounts in stock.....

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.410 is a legal gauge/bore in Missouri so I'm good to go there. I realize the .410 is marginal in this role, but I figure out to 70 yds or so a deer would be toast with a well placed shot. Would I be better served just buying a cheap pump 12 gauge and using it out to 100 yds?



I've not heard great things about the top cover mounts, but have you gotten them to work for you? How do they hold their zero? Thanks!

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McBirch's website has proved invaluable for sure; it was actually his site that first convinced me hunting deer with a .410 was feasible. I'm following his progress with the heavier hand-loaded slugs closely and hopefully he'll end up with a workable combination.


I went ahead and ordered a UTG side mount from Midway which I received in the mail today. It actually fits very well and sits pretty low in relation to the top cover. I've mounted a 1x30mm red-dot and when I get a chance to shoot it this weekend I'll decide if that combo will work or if I'll need some magnification. I also got some Brenneke Silver 3" slugs to run through her along with the Silver Bear 97 grain slugs. Any idea what kind of accuracy I should expect at ~50 yds with only the thread protector mounted?


Will the usual double-lung shot work with these miniature projectiles? All of the reports I've read of deer kills have been with non-intended hits to the CNS with follow up shots required. I definitely won't be stretching the range or asking the slug to do more than it's capable of, but a good broadside shot should be doable right?

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I fitted the side mount and red dot sight to the Saiga and took her out to the farm today. Put a few mags of Silver Bear slugs through her (I found a little hole in the wall shop that sells them for $2.30/box) and was pleasantly surprised with the results. From a seated field position I was able to achieve 2-3" groups at 50 yds, and found the recoil to be very light. There is something very comforting about the metallic clanking/grinding noise emitted by the AK-action, though the deer would probably fail to appreciate it!


I still need to try the Brenneke slugs out, but I've heard the accuracy only improves with them so I'm expecting good things. Anybody else going afield with their S-410 this year?

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I will be toting the .410 this year as well. I use the Brenneke's myself, getting quarter size groups at 40 yards. The only issue I have with them is I cannot get them to cycle. I'm hoping my gun just needs broke in some more, the spring is pretty stiff still. I don't plan on having to shoot more than once, but I want that peace of mind if I do.

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