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Cleaning the gas tube

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Im usually one of those people who likes to clean guns as soon as possible after shooting. But I read on here all the time about people saying they have X amount of rounds thru their guns without cleaning. So awhile back I had some friends over to shoot the Saiga aka "The Evil Black Shotty". After shooting, I didnt clean it right away. It sat for probably about 4 weeks to a month & half before I got around to doin it. I noticed what looked like it might be rust inside the gas tube when I went to clean it.


I hadnt noticed it before. Could it have been from letting it set so long without cleaning it?


When you guys who dont clean them for X amount of rounds, do you clean ANYTHING right after shooting. Like swabbing the barrel and gas tube at least?

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I didn't clean the gas tube in my AK for a several hundred rounds and I was shooting Wolf ammo the whole time. A lot of carbon chunks came out when I finally did but that was it. Keep the bolt and barrel clean on my AK and S-12. The gas tube on any AK pattern weapon is really a guide tube and nothing else. There's a ton of clearance in there so build up isn't an issue. Rust might be from mosisture while it was sitting. Is there rust any where other then the gas tube? You store your stuff somewhere that could be damp? If you didn't wipe it down with a thin coat of oil after use and it's damp that might be the reason you're seeing rust. Not sure it that helps but plenty of things get rusty because of the way they were stored.

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I had an M-11 once. I took it to the range and shot it but didn't clean it when I got home. When I finally got around to cleaning it I could sware there was rust throughout the inside of this gun...maybe not deep scoreing, bubbling or rust through like on a car but orange color blotched on the metal. I now clean my guns when I get back from shooting.

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It probably depends on the humidity and ammo. I live in Salt lake which is super dry and don't get rust unless I have corrosive ammo. Haven't seen any in the saiga which may or may not get cleaned. All my rifled barrels get cleaned right away though.


Exactly. Assuming the ammo isn't corrosive, it comes down to humidity. Here in western CO, it's very dry, so I can leave a gun dirty for a very long time without risking rust.


What's the climate like in your neck of the woods, AlphaDogo?

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I live in southwest Ohio. It does get humid here, but not as bad as some states. Not sure what else to chalk this up to. Go figure. As far as ammo, I shoot whatever wally world or any place to buy ammo has on sale at the time for goofin off. Whatever Buckshot is cheap from Dicks sporting goods when loaded home defense duty.


ETA: I need to change my sig line & stop stealing Post Apocs' lol.

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