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Lets try and keep the chit-chat, compliments and questions to a minimum please. PM member if you need more info on a specific weapon. Describe your SBS if you would please and post the pictures.


Tromix S17 with a Competition folding stock, SRT trigger group, Shark Brake, KROSS Hellion hand guard and a GripPod vfg.








Bushmaster AR15, factory SBR, 10.5" barrel, UTG railed hand guards, GripPod vfg, EoTech 551 optic, LMT rear BUIS.




Wife behind the trigger!! :super::cryss:



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AKS-74U and SLR107UR   Samson type 3 for Bulgarian rail, Vltor offset scout mount and G2 LED             Z

Not mine, but I saw this on Arfcom. The sickest SBR'd AK I've ever seen.             http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=4&f=98&t=129664&page=1&sr=0

Posted Images

Yugo M92 SBR with matching S/N NDS receiver.


Upon paying for the engraving, I wished I would have made the name of the trust shorter. "The John Q Doe and Jane Q Doe Revocable Living Trust, Cleveland Ohio" takes a lot of room to engrave and is expensive. Oh well, live and learn.







Rossi Squire SBS... Looks awesome but absolutely no fun to shoot, at least on the front trigger.







Honestly debating doing this, I photoshopped a shortened underfolder and M92 RSB onto one of my AK pistols... would be a waste of time and money but very fun for the range!



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Been slowly piecing this upper together over the past 11 months & yesterday my TROS barrel, last part needed, came in...enjoy. :super:



Bushmaster factory SBR with Gemtech MultiMount suppressor. SOCOM Stock, LMT BUIS, EOTECH optic, TROS 3-lug (9mm) barrel, YHM Spectre HG, Grip Pod VFG, Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard, KNS Anti-Rotation Pins & CAA PG.(DPMS no-notch hammer used)

*I also have the original 10.5" 5.56 upper!!




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Damn, I hate that I'm posting this right under a very similar build by MCASSgt New River (very nice, BTW), but here it is. This is my first "ground-up" AR build so I'm pretty happy about it. I realize that its not the same as building an AK but this is pretty good for my skill level. Now I just need some heavy ball 9mm to test it!



Bushie lower w/ 9mm hammer, RRA 9mm upper, TROS 5" bbl, YHM lightweight free-float HG, YHM 9mm XL QD suppressor, Troy folding battle sights, PRI Gas-buster charging handle, Magpul CTR stock and MIAD grip w/ enhanced TG, Tango Down QD stubby VFG, Surefire Z2 Combatlight w/ offset mount (still need to get the IR filter), Aimpoint CompM2, PVS-14 NVD.



I even managed to get my honey to hold it for a pic. She patronizes me so well!



Coming soon: X-RAYS!

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KrisFox, you sound like my wife :devil::lolol: Seriously, when you get back to the "Root" let me know. You're welcome to shoot any of them.



Here's a few for the AK crowd....


8" S-12 converted by Will at Red Jacket

8" Bulgy Krink

Sig 556P SBR







Older photo










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post-25905-086587700 1280883721_thumb.jpg


It ought to but it has change a little from that photo and his one as I changed the muzzel brake. I have a few rds of 7.62x39 how many do you need? Make sure you invite you girlfriends dad. Yes Krebs with a couple on minor changes.

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