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Yeah, I was posting coupons and links to manufacturers offers where you could get free food (or even get cash back), but they all mysteriously disappeared one day.


Not sure how it was off topic, as nobody ever PM'd me or anything about it.


The threads just disappeared.



You watch your coupons and line 'em up when the sales happen, and you can save lots of money, too.

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About 2 years ago, I was really into that. I had a notebook I took to the stores with me. I stockpiled all sorts of stuff for free (I still have some of it left TWO YEARS later, like dish soap and razors...etc.) Every Sunday I'd cut out all my coupons and combine them... I was the master! Even Eric was impressed sometimes!

I stopped though, because it was SO time consuming!!!! And alot of the time, I went in to the stores and the coupons didn't work, so they didn't allow me to use them all (they didn't want me to get TOO good a deal I guess!). So, I eventaully petered out...

But maybe I'll start again, that was a fun video! Thanks!

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I stopped though, because it was SO time consuming!!!!


Using the example in the video:


One grocery trip a week.


One hour a day clipping coupons (I'm guessing on the overdone side here) for 5 days (not counting shopping day)


$207 savings at the checkout,




It comes out to $34/hour


What's your time worth?

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Sounds great, but I can never remember to use the damn coupons till I'm out of the store.


At any rate, why not just push the stores to save money by dropping the coupon thing and cutting thier prices. Honestly, I shop at the same store, usually buy the same stuff(with occasional variances) and all I see is prices going up. WHY!


To pay for the printing of coupons to attract people who like to think they're getting a good deal.


Now my usual store is cutting out several of my typaical products and I've about had it. May have to start shopping elswhere.


I, have better things to do than cut coupons, like maybe a new mod for my S12 or even some range time. :super:


Sorry, just my 2 bits,

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The coupon system works fine as it.


It allows manufacturers to provide discounts that only a few will make the effort to take advantage of while still showing "good will." If you are one of those that cannot/will not make the effort to utilize them, it just makes it better on my fiancee, that clips and uses them like crazy! :lolol:


Plus 1 to Nalioth by the way, I have already saved dollars on some of the stuff that he posted. The less money that you spend on food, the more you have to spend on ammo!

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at the pizza place i work at, on saturdays we give out free early editions of the sunday paper. we all usually grab a few copies and tear through the coupons while we are slow at work. double bonus cause im getting paid to clip coupons. i thought my co worker elijah was the master till i saw this lady.

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My Mother does stuff like this too, though not quite as extreme as the lady in the video. My Brother runs a paper route (not like a kid on a bike, but rather dropping off 100 pound stacks at stores, gas stations, etc). He gets a BUNCH of left over coupon inserts. I'm talking like an extra 100-200 pages worth a week. For stores that don't have limits on how many coupons you can use (assuming you'd have to buy several hundred newsapapers to get that many), you can really clean house.


The people behind her in line definitely get impatient, but when she turns to them and says "I just spent 20 bucks on $200 worth of food", they often say "Teach me how to do that!" LOL




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I used to clean up pretty good with the double and triple off coupons. but they don't offer anything like that here at all, that was only in Houston. It really isn't worth the time to do it if the stores don't activly participate also. Competition is a GOOD thing. There is no competition (or incentive) here.

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We do some coupons one store we shop @ only does in store specials.

So no coupons but if you go there and get a flyer you see the instore specials.

alot of times 3 dollar canned goods are on sale 10 for ten as compared to 3 for nine @ full price.


They will also do bacon 2.00 bux a pound (name brand) and we will buy like 10 lbs. for 20 bux compared to 3.50 lbs and up regular price.


I have also found coupons for ammo and buck knives 25% being the lowest offered to date.

and ammo rebates. other than 12 gauge and .22rf the only time buy factory loads is with one of those discounts. ( avid reloader here and that's better than a coupon.) I'm loading 45 acp for 121 bux a thousand.

SO that's one third the price of a factory case.


So ya if your smart and use coupons for only stuff you use then they are great.

using them to save a buck on something you will never use is not good.

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