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Great times!!!!

Hard times!!!

Oh yeah, did I mention great times!!!!

But if you have been or are in a band, one thing is for sure, you will not be bored!

I’m old, they're young, and they run me to death, but I love it. There is nothing like taking the stage with the lights out and the millions of fans stomping on the floor, rumbling the stage to the point of a roar. Ok for most of us undiscovered performers the crowds are a bit smaller but none the less intense. When those guitars and drums start, man what a rush! If you have a story or pics please share, here's mine.

About US

Our band name is GOD ON TRIAL, we are a modern rock band that is mostly original music with a very heavy sound, we also play same Seger, Skynyrd, Shinedown, Seether, one of my favorite cover songs to perform is 45 by Shinedown and turn the page by Seger although we do a mix between Seger and Metallica version. The band is made up of 5 people whom two just recently dropped out but hell isn't that the way band life is? Although they're no longer with us I love those guys. I started playing when I turned 33 and just got a divorce from my first wife. I started out on the drums, to guitar, to vocals. My boys jumped right in at the age of eight and have been playing for almost a decade, a fact their proud of. We have a great vibe when we are playing together and can't be compared to anything else I feel, with this night light life style things do get out of hand :super: from time to time. My boys love the fact they can play in bars because it pisses off guys their age. Here’s a little band story. We were heading to perform at a bar call Duck INN, I arrived with my rhythm guitarist Derek in our band box truck ahead of the rest of the band, in the parking lot a drunk couple was really going at it in the backseat of a small car, I notice almost as soon as we pulled up but Derek didn't. These people where so drunk they could care less who seen them and it wasn't a pretty sight with them both being overweight :lolol: So I waited until just the right time and said, Derek look! Those people are screwing in that car! Him being 18 whipped his head around just in time to see the guys ass crack and balls mashed against the door window as he was trying to reposition himself for another ride on the wale inside, Derek was destroyed. This went on the whole time we unloading, oh yeah I forgot mention the car they were in was parked right next to the load out spot. :lolol: When you're in a band there’s never a dull moment, because if there is, we'll change that! Doesn't matter what kind of band you are or were in, tell your story.

Here's some of our good times pics.

























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I wonder if you can post audio clips? Doesn't look like you do many Perry Como covers! I was never in a band but I did stage lighting for a few years. The nicest bands to work with were always the old R&B bands. The Supremes and the Silver Platters were super cool, as were Motorhed (not an R&B band at all). Steve Winwood however, was not cool at all. I did get to do 3 different George Carlin shows over the years, he was one of the best.

You should do Saiga12.com theme music for the site!

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Cool, that you get to play with those guys. I played in many bands over the years, last band was Rockin Horse, and later I joind a band as the deaf soundman, ha ha, they always got me up on stage for the 3rd drunkin' set. I'd do a few Hendrix and blues tunes with them. My band "BFH" Buttheads from Hell was a rock band that did mostly my tunes, but covered a few Metallica, Iron Madien, Molly Hatchett tunes as well. I also had a blues band "The Groove Masters, and did work on solo guitar tracks that sound like, well they don't sound like a guitar at all, more like the Windhill stuff. I traveled a lot and met Paul Rogers band, and wound up on 5 flights with them as they were turing, their guitar player Howard Leese introduced me. He was the guitarist for Heart who I had met years before. I'll try to dig out some of our old pictures and scan them in, for now here is some of my gear that is collecting dust until the next band/gig.






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I'm lucky my wife is 22 cause theres no way I could get by with half the shit I do! For example, turning her living into our winter jam room, or her office into a make shift recording studio. :lolol::lolol:

But she great that way, just move the living upstairs and put her office in our bedroom. We are a band family and we just adapt, its always loud and shit is always going on.

We are working on recordings this winter and will have our songs copyrighted and up on our band website by spring. Good old home recordings. :unsure:



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