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  1. 1. Which under $100 Red Dot

    • Truglo
    • Millet SP-2 (30mm)
    • BSA
    • Barska
    • Konus
    • Brunton HALO
    • Other Type..

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How can you expect to bug out with your go to rfile when the shtf and it teotwawki with your cheap Chinese crap. I only use gear that's been tested and issued to either the seals, delta and at the very least the rangers.

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Millet SP-2!   But generally scopes are one of the things were you get what you pay for...

It is hard to use a sight as a reflex sight, that is with both eyes open, if it has much over 1.5X power in my experience. YMMV.   On the other hand, and this is the Azrial "Tip of the Day"...  

Albert, not everyone can afford a sight that "craps out." I think it would be a great idea when folks solicit these polls if they would post their interned usage. If your rifle is little more then a r

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I just got a See All. It was $122, so slightly over your budget. It has no batteries. It's very visible and works fine with both eyes open. I pickup my VEPR-12 this week and will be mounting and testing it soon. So far all I've done is stick it on my AR and it seemed pretty good. Looks very solid and seems like it would take some effort to screw it up. The FSB blocked forward visibility but it worked fine. I expect no issues.

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Dunham's is selling the QD SightMark RD - this one looks more like the EOD RD/halo sight - normally $120, now $99. I have also tried their $40 RD Sightmark - the back half of the sight is plastic - and broke. The above sight has more metal around it to protect it.

I also use TruGlo RD for the Ar15. In 3 gun matches, the range you are shooting at - these low priced optics are reasonable. I just could not see buying a $500 EOD sight for even competition. For life saving/self defense - you can use iron sights or pop on a more expensive 3-9x50 scope. Iron sights are a must - in case the batteries go or the optic is damaged.

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Okay, who necro-bumped this?


But while I'm here; Trijicon's are nice, but who can afford to buy a sight that costs as much or more than the gun? I like the Mueller Quick Shot, it's a heavy-duty sight designed to withstand 3.5" Magnum turkey loads and it runs slightly under $100. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00288PRJG?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00

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