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SIG 522, S&W M&P22, Colt AR 15 M4 22?

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I have handled and fired the Umarex. It is made by Umarex (an airgun manufacturer) under licence from Colt, not by Colt. Slightly misleading. It looks great and feels fairly similar to an AR15. It does feel a little cheap and plasticky but not as bad as the GSG-5 (those things look great but feel like toys IMHO). Several small parts are plastic like the bolt catch and safety. The bolt stop is non-functional and is for cosmetic purposes only. The safety is backwards from the real deal (explain that one to me). It will only accept Umarex .22 mags and is not compatible with Black Dog mags. All in all I'd say its an OK deal for the price, but far inferior to an AR15 with a drop-in .22 conversion.

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Bringing up an old thread, I know.................



Just the other day, I put an order in for a Tactical Solutions M4 upper (it'll be here tomorrow). It was a toss up between that, or the M&P 15-22. I had a spare lower (complete) just collecting dust in my safe, so I went with the Tac-Sol upper to top it off. Otherwise, I probably would have went with the 15-22, if I didn't already have the lower to base the Tac-Sol onto.


I did a lot of research, and pretty much everyone was happy with their Tac-Sol uppers. The few that did have problems, were quickly taken care of by Tac-Sol (on their dime, too).


I can post some pics up when I get it. I plan on putting up my "big boy" guns for awhile, and abusing this new .22. I want to do a lot of shooting for cheap, and the .22 will allow that. It will also allow me to shoot at a few places where I can't shoot "bigger" guns.


Just another option for the OP, if he hasn't already bought something (yes, I realize this thread was started in December), and happens to have an AR lower sitting around or is willing to swap uppers back and forth.

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I have a Sig 522 and it's OUTSTANDING !! Shoots any ammo, even Wal-Mart bulk cheap stuff. Accurate, non-jamming ....EVER. You can put Swiss rails on the side and bottom and it is the spitting image of a Sig Sauer 556. Side folds and you can shoot from that position as well. Removable flash hider and the barrel is ALL steel , not some barrel insert. Made by Sig Sauer and not some other company. Lifetime warranty. Pricy, but magazines are plentiful everywhere. Any AR-15 22LR magzine that fits the AR-15 rifles works in this. Defenitely a cool carbine. I had a Rugerr 10/22 and the first one was pretty flawless for feeding but the last one I bought (and sold) had issues in feedingi. Don't know if it was because it was stainless or what. On the Ruger only the barrel was Stainless, every thing else was cast aluminum.

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