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welding a rail on top of the receiver?

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i think i remember readin somthing in a TM about the M68 working better the farther forward it's mounted. I don't see any reason not to mount the sight over the gas tube. if you do weld a rail to the dust cover you might want to think about making it a hinged cover.

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You don't want to mount any optics to a dust cover.


The dust cover won't stay in place during the firing of the weapon, and it won't keep a zero.


Using a hinged dust cover might be a solution, provided the cover doesn't flex under the weight of the optic (this depends on the optic, of course).

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Why not a side mount?


for some reason i was under the impression they moved a lot ?


A side mount would by far move less than a mount on the dust cover.

A side mount would not move at all.


Yes im just saying if Movement of the scope is what you are worried about, commmon knowledge...Nvm lol yes what he said.

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thanks guys for helping a noob. whats a good brand?

The best ones don't have a "brand".


They're Soviet military specification parts. I would not buy a side mount that wasn't made by a former Soviet satellite.




If you don't want a Soviet scope (with attached side mount), I'd recommend you find a Beryl style rail and then mount whatever you want on it.

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