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3 New Chaos Extended Quad Give Away!!!!!

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Cool, Scattergunner you go Man !!!! Finally someone else joined the contest. How are we going to split up that 3rd rail? unsure.gif LOL Come one folks, you don't want to just give me and Scattergunner those rails(by not buying any AGP mags from the E-Store to join the contest)015.gif, come on in and get some some mags, and possibly get yourself a Very Cool Chaos Rail!!!!027.gif One week left on the contest, GET SOME!!!!

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Saiga family, this one of those rare times when we must all pull together for the greater cause of one, and that cause is our host and friend Makc. Makc is being undercut by the manufacture of APM mag

Cameron, BVamp posted the following in the thread you linked.   "The admin of this forum is pretty upset that the supplier of the AGP mags would not inform him earlier of this reduced price, and now

1200? Wow!!! That seems like a lot for one vendor to stock. I hope he can get rid of them. I've already paid for an extended quad rail, so I'm not really concerned with winning. I'd also rather have y

We will be in touch as soon as possible about your order, the details of which are as follows:


Order ID: 4022


I have already ordered a quad rail but a good cause is a good cause! Tough times all around it seems due to the lack of magazine purchases. i think its great other members joined in adding free items like those door breaching rounds! I would have loved to get a hold of those rounds and i do need more magazines but i can barely afford one, the wifes guna be one angry short lady :lolol:

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It's the 10 round AGP mags. If you look at post Number 1 you'll see why this the going on. snapback.png





TO THE FLOOR, on 08 January 2010 - 12:18 PM, said:


Thanks for standing up Cameron....and if I may ask a stupid question: Does this apply to all Makc E store mags or just the apg 10 round mags?? I would sure like to buy some more 2 round mags.

This is for the APG mags.



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im in for another 1!! i now hold order numbers 4021 and 4042. only 1 hour left guys. bring it!!!

btw, cameron if you could post who bought the most mags after the drawing i would appreciate it so i can get those door breaching rounds out to the lucky winner of the sub contest! thanks again for doing this man!

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The contest thread Posted on the 8th, ( this thread post #1) said 2 weeks so that would be on Friday wouldn't it.


Only if you're talking about 7-day weeks, if you're referring to 6-day weeks, then it appears it should end today. (I'm not sure where they have 6-day weeks)

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