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Modified Choke

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Hi Guys


1 Question: you can buy two types of chokes with this shotgun? only two?


Chokes are Modified or Full.


2 Question: A full choke means that it's the same as a shotgun that has no choke?


To me a full choke means no choke at all. would you agree?



P.S I need someone to explain this to me, thanks

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help me if i'm wrong fellow saiga enthusiast's...


Q.1) factory options imported into USA frequently from EAA, and hesse WERE Full Choke Tube 1.0 , Modified Choke Tube 0.5 , and thread protector 0.0....same as factory barrel...0.0 choked improved cylinder...so...2 options for additional chokes.


Q.) No. factory barrel(0.0) is un-choked..opposite of Full Choke Tube (1.0)



Also....factory Izhmash options that are available exported throughout world(other than us un-fortunates) for barrel attachments via factory external threads are...


1.)Thread Protector (0.0) 0.8" overall

2.)Modified Choke Tube (0.5) 2 1/2" overall

3.)Full Choke Tube (1.0) 2 1/2" overall

4.)Paradox Choke Tube (1.0) 4" additional inches of rifleing. 4 1/2" overall.


also information is limited as to these offerings whether they be factory Izhmash or not. I would think so.....

5.)Flash Hider

6.)Flash Hider/Sight Combo


hope that helps a little... :angel:

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A full choke is the tightest restriction to shot pattern... ( unless you have EXTRA FULL which is even MORE tight than a full!)


A modified choke is LESS restriction...


An IMPROVED CYLINDER is just above a cylinder bore...


Cylinder bore is ZERO choke, or shot restriction...


That is the same for all smoothbore shotguns.. the diameter of each individual choke may differ... but thats the meat of the choke's purpose...



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