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H+K SL8 Parts, Saiga rifle parts, SKS stockset

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Several items for sale:


1.) Factory lower receiver set for SL8 Rifle. (.223) This is the gray colored item... Pics posted soon, if needed. Less than 100 rounds fired on this set. Also, single stack magwell, gray. $429 OBO. shipped.1011768.jpg


2.) Chinese SKS wooden stockset. Excellent condition, with spike bayonet cutout. $I have no idea what is a fair price... make a reasonable offer.1011754.jpg


3.) Two (2) Factory Saiga monte carlo style buttstocks. New, only used to test fire each rifle pre-conversion. $20ea, OBO


4.) One Factory 10 round mag (.223) Used once with three rounds $25


5.) Factory mainspring, Saiga rifle. $10


6.) Two (2) Factory FCG's, including wishbones. One set has the disconnector spring removed (first conversion-haha). $make offer


7.) Two (2) ProMag .223 30 round mags, Caveat emptor. Loaded once each, fired two rounds each, unloaded. $make offer


8.) Load Carrying Vest, Flecktarn pattern. Has hydration pouch in rear, two large dump pouches, if you are interested I'll send pics. Manufacturer unknown. Good field quality rig $401011772.jpg


Pictures to follow, sorry I'm not at my home computer. If interested make an offer or PM. I'm not sure about market value for some items so let's just be fair ok? Trade items considered. Thanks

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posted pics. I'm fairly certain the Saiga parts need no pics. I also am considering throwing an EOTech 511 and a Taurus Model 85 (.38)Ultralight Blued 2" (NIB) up for sale/trade. These two possibles are just that... possible. What I'm really looking for is an MSA mag adapter for IZ 114.(hint hint).

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Ok, sorry about the down time... Had a crashy computer that needed IT'ed back in shape...


Where were we?


Oh yes... As per Floyd's (hint), the Flecktarn rig is dropped to the more reasonable $30... I think I paid like $40 in the store, and found it didn't suit me (In addition to being a compromise in pattern). Ended up springing for the plate carrier and plates instead...

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let me know what you'd want for the eotech sir.

First off, It's Ma'am, or Kris if you prefer...


As far as the EoTech... I was considering unloading it... Got a trijiicon finally, but it'd have to be for that Magwell adapter or a buttload of Surefire 30 rounders... Can't have too many backups.

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