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Brenneke and Silver Bear Slugs Range Report

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I made it out to the range today with my converted S-410 to try out the two type of slugs that I had laying around. The gun is your basic converted Saiga S-410 with a cheapo scope mounted on the side rail to test it's accuracy potential and just the thread protector on the end of the barrel. I've got some areas that are open to me for deer hunting, but only with slugs, so I thought it would be fun to see if a .410 is up to it. I know from MCB's site that it is possible to use the .410, but I had never seen the accuracy potential of the Saiga's before.


First up was the Silver Bear 97 Grain sabot slugs. $2.29/5 from a hole in the wall general store, they are a bargain. I used these to zero the scope, and then shot a 3-shot group for the record at 50yds. This is the furthest I feel comfortable with the .410 for now. The Silver Bear group measured 1.4", which I thought was exceptional. Next, the Brennekes (3" 1/4oz Silver Slug)...These were noticeably "hotter" than the Silver Bears, and had a different bark to them. After a sighter to make sure I was roughly on target with these, I fired another 3 for the record. I was extremely happy to find a group that measured just a hair over 1" center-to-center. That's pretty hard to beat for a smooth bore autoloader!




This would be a pretty hard to beat short-range slug gun with the Brenneke slugs, especially if one limited his shot distances and used an optic to precisely place them. Next, I want to try some of the Paraklese 168gr slugs...Those things are hot, 1400fps! Anybody else tried them?



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. . . . Next, I want to try some of the Paraklese 168gr slugs...Those things are hot, 1400fps! Anybody else tried them? . . . .


I have not tried them but I Googled him and found his design and as long as he is attaching some sort of card wad or plastic tail to them they should work very well. If he isn't attaching some sort of base to them then I wouldn't expect the results he is getting at 25 yards to continue out to the 50 yard line. It looks like he modified a Lee TL401-175-SWC mold - probably with a CNC milling machine to produce his slug design.


I have done plenty of work myself along similar lines as he is doing. Here is a link to some of my work as published on the fourten.org.uk web site:




A 150 to 200 grain solid lead slug with an attached plastic or card wad base of at least 3/8" length at full bore diameter is an extremely accurate and deadly load from a 410 smooth bore gun.

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