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Yeah, tape them up. Line the bottom and sides of the receiver on the inside with masking tape. Then make a "roof" over the top of the receiver with masking tape as well. I also used ear plugs to plug the gas port holes and the end of the barrel. You should also just remove the rear sight (very easy, just push down on it with a screwdriver near the hinge) and either make a little cone of masking tape over the front sight, or remove the post as well.

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Every DuraCoat job I've done, I've always blown color on the inside of the receiver. Grant it, you don't shoot the chamber or inside the barrel. but AK's and Saiga's are sloppy enough to handle it. Plus, it looks good and with the DuraCoat SL why not. I paint the triggers, pins, sights, even the rear sight leaf. I've painted receivers of shotty's, SKS's, Bolt guns, none with ill effects. Tighter the tolerances, less you blow on.

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Hmm, I always paint inside the reciever. I just make sure my barrel and gas block are all pluged up with some paper towels. I am actually convinced that duracoat makes the bolt slide smoother. As it is a much harder/smoother finish then the crapy paint job the russian factory does. Like I said I always duracoat inside and never have any problems with the *snug fit*

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Duracoat all the gun, minus bolt and piston, plug barrel and gas block.


As same as blast all the gun minus piston and bolt, plug you barrel and gas block .


One think I leave alone is FCG no paint on it and polish the ear of hammer and under the trigger claw

to a mirror finish or chrome looking finish.


Use rubber or cork plugs.

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