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AR-15 Maazine Adaptor

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There's only 2 that I know of. MSA (Magnolia State Armory) and an individual on the forum named Renegadebuck. I am currently waiting for Renegadebuck to catch up on production, and then I'll be buying one from him. He is currently out of stock. I'm not sure of the status of MSA if they have any in stock or not. But I'm holding out for renegadebuck. From all the research I've done, I've found his to be less obtrusive to the gun, and easier to adapt. Either adapter however is not a simple snap in to your saiga. Both require you to do some grinding to get the either the magazine or the adapter to fit properly.

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If you do a search under AR mag adapter, you'll find all the information on both which has been long discussed in detail.


According to Renegadebuck, his adapter doesn't require a lot of modifications to fit like that of the MSA.


If you're faint of heart, I don't suggest you try to make the mods on your own if you're not confident in using a Dremel. The mods requiring some removal of material from the front trunion to fit.


It has also been suggested that a bullet guide would help in feeding while using the adapter. Although neither MSA or Renegadebuck says that one is required for function.

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