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I just got with Finn Saiga (Marko) and am ordering those external full and possably mod chokes from him. Those of you who have experience with buying stuff from him, how does he usually charge? Does he use Pay Pal or do you just give him your credit card #? Anyway, I just got my 2nd Saiga 12 (this one is a 19" barrel and the other is 22", I think) I already tried the full choke from the 22" on the 19 and it works SWEET!!! I am thinking of getting an 8 rd clip next. Anybody out there have any complaints with theirs? I am then going to put a pistol grip on and possibly a folding stock. Thanks for all the advise. It is much appreciated!!! :super:

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LberalHater the only complaint I have with my 8 is that it cost so F'n much and now i want some more of em. It also holds 9 shells with no mod.! awesome


Starlinx the paradox is not merely an extension but an awesome addition that basically turns a 12 into a giant rifle when using slugs. It has about a 1/8 twist in 3 1/4" It also slings shot in a wide circular pattern. I cant wait to fire it into a covey of quail and see how many drop!

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I just got my Factory Full, and Factory Modified externally threaded chokes from Marko/FinnSaiga....about 1 week ago.



And I received a Factory Paradox choke tube from Oleg/Rusmilitary....2 weeks ago....



Both of these folks can get factory externally threaded choke tubes.............


paradox = Oleg

full, mod = Marko

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Wait one...............


okay. here we go.


Paradox choke that has been currently purchased through Oleg/Rusmilitary.com

Rusmilitary / Paradox Choke


Full Choke Tube, Modified Choke Tube purchased within 2 weeks ago from Marko/ FinnSaiga(member here)


This info from fellow member Make

If you want to order Saiga magazines here's what you should do:


1) Send email timo.lappalainen@pp7.inet.fi or marko_ruotsalainen@kolumbus.fi

and place your order incl. shipping addresses etc.




2) Send fax to +35813229102

and place your order




3) Call +35813229102

and place your order with english speaking person.


Price is 54,- euros (app 72,- USD) + shipping, confirm it from dealers!

Currently there are 50 8-rounder in stock, more coming if needed.

No limitations; order as many as you like (1 to ...).

This dealer has shipped many times orders to the U.S. and they know what they're doing!


Web-page: http://www.joensuunsar.fi/saigat.html


Only negative thing is I don't get anything out of this, exept happiness... ;-)

Hope this stops anyone to rip you off!!


EDIT: This shop is open 10-19 (GMT+2) if you try to call




Best way to get current availibility, and pricing is contact them via phone, and then e-mail........


hope it helps. worked for me :smoke:

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Being a newbie and not a gunsmith, I have a couple of questions surrounding modifying an S12.

First I would like to do the stock/receiver conversion which I have a fairly good Idea of what I will be doing given the excellent posts provided by many of the veterans of this site.

However I am puzzled about shortening my barrel and if I need to add a choke?

I spoke to a local gunsmith here in WA and he stated that cutting a chrome lined barrel is expensive and difficult without the proper tools. He stated that it would cost approximately $150+ and strongly advised that I do not do this.

He stated that I could probably get another barrel that is shortened for about the same price as having my barrel cut.

Does anyone know if a short barrel is available for the S12 as a standalone item?

Also is $150+ a reasonable price to shorten and thread a barrel for a choke?




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