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New Gas Plug Design from MD Arms!

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I pre-ordered a first run drum and finally got it on the 25th of December back in 2008.


The first run drums were supposed to come with gas adjusters.


My didn't, I'm still waiting.

Why dont you finish the story jackass? You contacted us and said you didn't get a plug and ordered on the second run... And we told you only the first run drums came with a free gas plug. And you said, "OK." Later, I found that your order was actually a first run order. And we did in fact send you a plug but you failed to notify us your address on file was no longer good and it was returned to us. I let you know and that we would send you another plug. But considering we was out at the time and haven't restocked... I have told you privately and publicly I would send you one of our new design once we have them in stock... More than once! All your doing is trolling me. Why don't you go attach your chainsaw bayonet to your saiga and stick it up your ass? You blew it, good job! You aren't getting a plug, unless you buy it... You've wasted enough of my time.


I considered to just delete your post but figured why not let everyone see what a dummy, douche you really are. Keep talking jackass... :lolol:


My 6th sense is picking up a little bit of hostility......021.gif


Such great customer service.




The bullshit about not having a new address to send the plug to.


The UPS store where I had a postal box, sent you back the plug. My forwarding address was Iraq at the time but UPS won't forward international mail.




This crook got my plug back and instead of putting my plug on the shelf, looking up my order info and contacting me. He boxes it up and ships it with a different order.

Man, you really are a dummy... Show me where you gave me a new address... You didn't. And it wasn't shipped through UPS but through USPS. Your plug wasn't the only plug returned to us due to an address that was no longer good. We emailed EVERYONE who's plug was returned, including you. Yes, we did say we would ship everyone that ordered a drum from the first run a plug (well after you ordered the drum I might add). And we did ship everyone a plug, you just wasn't smart enough to get yours.


Call me a crook or what ever you want. But you have wasted enough of my time and money with this stuff that you aren't getting anything from me. How many times have I had to chace after you correcting your misinformation and stupidity? What about the money and time I spent to ship it to you the first time? Was you going to compensate me for YOUR mistake. Hell, if it wasn't for me contacting you letting you know you actually had a first run order and not a second run order your stupid ass would still be oblivious. I would have gladly sent you a plug, AGAIN, and at my cost, AGAIN. But you aren't smart enough to know when to shut your stupid mouth. I told you more than once what the deal was. We all know this isn't really about a plug anyways... So let me say it again, GOOD JOB!

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How about you quit bitching in MD Arms vendor thread and deal with it by email or pm instead. Back to the original topic.....When will these new plugs be available?

Spanky, we have emailed back and forth plenty prior to all this. He just wants to try to make me look bad. As you can see it worked out well for him, lol!


As far as the new plugs... I have been having a problem getting the shop that manufatures this type of stuff for me to come through. He has been backed up with defense contracts and he keeps telling me, next week, next week... I really should have had these MONTHS ago... We have submitted the part for quotes to a few more shops now. Got a one quote back and it was3 time as much as I was paying so that was a no go, lol. We are also strongly considering to just buy our own CNC turning center and make them ourselves from here on out. We have a bunch of stuff we could make on one anyways. And like Henry Ford said... If you need a machine and don't buy it, you will pay for it anyways and not have it. A very true quote!

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Well, I did it! I bought a brand new CNC lathe with live tooling, a subspindle, ..., ... It was delivered to our shop July 29th. We almost have it ready to turn loose making the gas plugs. Hoping to have parts ready to ship in a week. I should have done this awhile ago. With this machine we are going to beable to produce A LOT of new stuff... The machine basically runs itself with minimal need of an operator. It just takes a bit to perfect the program and set the tools. Once both are achieved you basically hit a few buttons, walk away, and check complete parts(minus finish) periodically to make sure tolerances of production aren't falling off. This machine will even know when cutters are dulling. It is a lot of machine and was very expensive... But we plan to pass on the savings in manufacturing the parts ourselves to the consumer!

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As tends to happen, it looks like two cool new S12 Gas Plugs will be available soon. It's always Feast or Famine, fortunately the next year should be all feast(barring any further draconian cuts in our Rights Rationing).


After test-firing my new S12 a few times and being annoyed by the factory plug, I wanted to get Gunfixer's Plug ASAP, but then this very promising sounding plug was announced, so I waited... impatiently. I hoped to order one with my drum pre-order, but that didn't happen. I'm surprised they aren't available yet, but I guess MD Arms has their hands full with the plug, the doublestacks, the magwell, and all the wet-works wet-dream stuff like that. Then while I was anxiously waiting I was surprised when an auto-adjusting gas plug was announced to be coming from a company I was totally unfamiliar with.


So... I am still determined to get a new & improved gas plug, but unfortunately that means I have to wait some more until these two new contenders reach the market and I can get some reviews/details about them and pic the prime plug for my dear deadly developing B0OM-st!ck. I really don't know enough about either of them yet, so we'll who's the ChamPlug when the dust(gas) settles. Game on!

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GuyFox- these are hand adjustable and very nicely made, I have one I'm using on m SG12.


The plug I have is really easy to adjust by hand and with heavy loads it's easy to fine tune to the loads to minimize overgassing.

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I have not had the opportunity to search, or read up much about the plugs.... Mike, can you tell me why the adjustable plug would be better than one of the automatic plugs offered by some competitors? I would presume that the automatic plugs, probably, do not cycle as well with low brass; but that's an uneducated guess.... All I know is that they vent the excess gases from high brass and magnum loads. But, to be honest, I thought that was what all plugs do, including the OEM; just less variability.

Either way, MD Arms' super "sale price" of $25 is probably enough incentive for me... I don't want to spend 70 bucks on something that I don't even know anything about, lol!

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I wanted to purchase a Saiga 12 and some accessories. After researching the net, I felt MD Arms was making the highest quality and best value of the accessories I was looking to purchase. After reading this blog, I almost purchased elsewhere, but decided MD Arms was located only two hours from me and I would give them a try. I am extremely glad I did. I purchased a Saiga 12, 20 round drum, and a gas plug from MD Arms. Mike not only took the time to explain the function of the gun, the gas block, and how to properly fit the drum, but also showed me some prototypes of upcoming products. He is a knowledgeable guy and I really appreciated his helpfullness. On the way home, I purchased a Federal bulk pack of low brass ammo. It took three rounds to adjust the gas plug. Since that time, I have shot 100 rounds and have not experienced a jam or malfunction of any kind. Thank you, Mike!

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