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RAAC response about shooting 5.56 in your 223 Saiga

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Also I've heard AK dent brass is fine to reload several times as it fire forms each time through.


Would reducing the extractor spring pressure fix any issues? The ejector dent? The dust cover dent?

I was thinking a dual rate recoil spring like on the s12

Turn it on a lathe with a positive stop on the light spring, have the secondary kick in a half inch before the ejector, could also build in a recoil buffer if desired.

RAAC has a confusing website.

I copied this info..


The Saiga is auto-loading rifle and comes with a hunting buttstock and forend. The Saiga product line of rifles is intended for hunting big and medium-sized game under different climatic conditions. These rifles are manufactured by Izhmash where the world reknowned Kalashnikov (AK-47) was developed and manufactured. They are available in several calibers: 7.62 x 39, .223 Rem and 5.45 x 39. The Russian Dragunov skeleton buttstock with an adjustable cheekpiece is also available.

Available in Black only.

Model Caliber Barrel Length Magazine Capacity Weight w/o Magazine

Saiga (7.62) 7.62 x 39 16.3", 20.47" 5 or 10 RD magazines 8.4 lbs

Saiga (.223) 5.56 x 45 16.3", 20.47" 5 or 10 RD magazines 7.9 lbs

Saiga (5.45) 5.45 x39 16.3", 20.47 5 or 10 RD magazines 7.8 lbs


I wonder how the barrel is set-up? .223 rate of twist or 5.56 ?

Anybody know?

From what I understand the saiga .223 is 1:9.3

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Meh with the bolt buffer in there I might leave it as is!


Where did you get the complete spring assembly? As I shoot more 5.56 as its available cheap and often.


Does the Wolff slow down the brass issue at all?



IMO buffers are also a good way to end up with a short-stroking action, as they can affect timing of the action by causing the carrier to bounce back.


Just used a spare AK-74 recoil spring assembly I had from a parts kit. All AK recoil spring assemblies are more or less the same, only major difference being whether it's a twin-link assembly or a solid telescoping rod e.g. RPK.


The Wolff XP spring didn't really help with the brass issue.


Actually - the rifle is less likely to dent the brass when using an AK-74 dust cover, as it has a stamped curved surface at the edge of the ejection port, whereas the Saiga dust cover is just a hard edge here. This is the spot where the brass tends to get kicked back and "bitten" about half way back on the case by the Saiga dust cover.


I would not mess with the extractor or the ejector. The ejector is heat-treated and you do NOT want to take a Dremel to it.

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No dremel or any other mods to the gun, bought new from legion, don't want to mess it up.

Haven't had it short stroke yet with the buffer, on this gun the rear trunion and bolt do collide and paint was clean gone after three rounds.


Its an ak, worst thing I think I can do to it is modify its working systems with a dremel. My s12 works great without any mods! When I put a g2 hammer in I profiled it.

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I think it says 5.56 in the owner's manual. I'll have to check but I remember asking myself the .223 or 5.56 question and found my answer there.

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I just thought I would throw my 2 cents in. I believe what they are saying its ok for commercial ammo I just would ant use the Military ammo in the 5.56x45 they are loaded to a hotter level and I am not sure how much of the military ammo the 223 could handle. Don't take my word but go find a reloading data for the 5.56 and the 223 you can tell from that. Now the commercial ammo is not loaded to the higher levels as the military 5.56x45 that should be fine.

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