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Convert My Saiga 7.62x39 or Buy a Different AK

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I just joined the forum a few minutes ago. I am a new member. I currently own a Saiga 7.62x39, Saiga 12 and a Lancaster Ak. I was considering Having my Saiga converted professionally by rifle dynamics (waiting for a quote) but considering the cost involved I was going to purchase a Hungarian FEG Amd-63 with a Fixed wood stock. I do not live in a free state so I cannot own the folding version. But still like the fixed wood stock. Does anyone here have thoughts on this? Is an FEG AMD a good Purchase? Has anyone shot one? Or should I just get the conversion?



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Restore the Saiga yourself . Not only will you have a better weapon, you will also have a better understanding of how an AK works.

If it takes you two evenings or so to restore the 7.62(it won't), you will have the weapon in your possesion the whole time. No waiting days, weeks, or maybe longer to get the job done and the rifle back.

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Ok great, I have seen those conversion kits for sale? Any particular place to buy them from or get the parts separately? I have read about converting it myself but when I go to some of these professional places they talk about welding holes and refinishing the gun. Is that even necessary?

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you don't have to weld holes or refinish. the bottom of the receiver under the plate you take off isn't painted.. so you'll need to mask off around that and get some paint on it. a lot of people around here recomend duplicolor high temp engine enamel (flat black)... it's a pretty close match. its what i used on mine. i personally like the stock finish on the saigas. i plan to keep mine like it is untill it starts to get a little beaten up from use, then go with a high quality finish in the future. there's no need to refinish a brand new rifle though, unless it's something you particularly want to do for looks.


depending on the route you chose.. there will be 2 holes at the back bottom of the receiver that you pop pins for the stock trigger group out of.. plus a hole in the bottom that the stock trigger comes out of (but it will be covered by your new pistol grip once installed). If you go with a standard ak stock.. you'll need a set of hole plugs for the small holes www.carolinashooterssupply.com or you can put some small bolts through them from an ak screw build kit.


if you convert using one of the internal block assemblies that requires you to cut the tang off.. it will bolt in using these holes.. so you're covered there.


i also own an AMD myself, but it's an amd 65 with the folding stock. as far as the rest of the gun they should be the same. mine's built on a Nodak spud receiver, which i think a lot of them are. i really like mine. it's loud as hell with the amd muzzle brake, pretty accurate, and it's got a distinct look.


if you're looking at spending 4 or $500 or so... i'd go ahead and do a basic conversion on both the Saiga 12 and 7.62x39... and you can always build up from there. You can spend a couple hundred on each... do the conversion yourself, and have a very nice finished product. i can promise you won't be dissapointed in them once converted.

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As others have said, do it yourself. I own several AKs and the Saiga will outshoot anything you can get for under $1K. Conversion is easy, and you'll end up with a gun that fits and looks like you want.


Don't buy a bundled conversion kit unless you want those exact parts... pick want you want for furniture. Carolina Shooters has good prices and a member's discount. At a minimum you'll need:

- G2 single-hook trigger group

- Pistol grip

- Pistol grip nut and screw

- Stock


All US-made of course to stay within 922R. The front grips are a different story, they require a special bolt-on retainer if you want to use AK grips. I like the original Saiga one, though.

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If you want a forearm similar to a standard ak you'll need an ak gas tube and a bolt on lower handguard retainer also. But no special tools.

The magwell does not need to be modified. The mag catch lever will have to filed down a little and a bullet guide installed for milsurp ak mags.


I did my conversion and it was the first rifle I'd ever owned. I'd never even used a dremmel before. Its easy and a lot of fun.

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To the OP, to convert to AK mags is really simple. Check to see if your Trunnion, (piece right outside the breach of your barrel) is flat or rounded.a 7.62 will be one of these. if you still arent sure, look at the pix on Dinzags website. Buy the appropriate Bullet Guide kit from Dinzag Arms for about $20, drill the one hole decribed on Dinzags website carefully, thread it, install the bullet guide with one screw, file down you stock mag catch a few mm's, and you're done!!It will now accept any Com-Bloc AK magazine...Lots of threads on this forum on Bulet Guide installs...just go slow and do it right.

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