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What other calibur Rifle would you like Saiga

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I'd like to see 7.62x25 Nice and cheep, just like the 5.45

10g would be bad ass, but I'm going to have to go with 7.62x54.

7.62x54R   They actually make that already, but it is not imported here.

I'll bite.


7.62x54R, 45-70, 454 casull, .500 s&w, 9mm, .40/10mm, 45 acp, .300 winchester magnum, 9x53R (actually in the US), 8mm mauser, .30-30, 16 gauge, 10 gauge, .357 magnum, 444 marlin.


I think that makes my list. LOL!


Oh, .22lr also. I think I could really go for a saiga in any caliber...

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I too would like to see one in .22LR. I definitely have wanted one of the Romanian .22LR AKs for a while now. I wonder if a .22LR Saiga could be imported in a more "complete" state due to being chambered in a rimfire cartridge? No idea.


I'm not much into a lot of the goofy calibers that some others are suggesting, especially since a lot of the larger calibers would require some serious re-working of the core mechanics of the rifle simply in order to fit, and could end up straying too far from being able to use standard AK parts. The .308 is already pushing it.


I could say that 6.5 Grendel would be about the most realistic additional centerfire caliber at this point, since the dimensions are similar to other x39 calibers, and is an increasingly popular cartridge for the type of things we like to do with our AKs/ARs.

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I also have been pondering the 45-70 concept, like a PKM type of receiver where you can quick change the barrel from rifled 45-70, to smooth bore .410, or carbine to rifle. Contacted a builder for advice this morning.022.gif027.gif

45-70 :super:


I'm really wanting a 45-70 in an AK format, but I suspect I'll have to make it..... plus the mags (since the 45-70 rounds are too fat for the 410 mags). Sigh.....someday



Yeah, a 7.62 x 25 would be cool too.



What about a non "assault rifle" caliber that doesn't raise too many eyebrows if you buy a lot of ammo? 30-30 for instance.

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