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RAAC Saiga .223 Question

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Good evening guys!


I just have a question, I'm not seeking legal advice, but I have a Russian American Armory Corp. Saiga .223 and I have converted it to it's pistol grip configuration, I have the Tapco G2 FCG (From Dinzagarms.com) and a Tapco AK retainer (Also from Dinzagarms) along with a Tapco Intrafuse T6 adjustable stock and Tapco pistol grip nut, but I'm using a TDI Arms pistol grip, and a TDI Arms handguard both were made in Israel I believe. I'm very curious to see if I am p22r Compliant while using the TDI Arms grip and handguard. All the Tapco products are stamped "Made in and/or USA" (I'm not sure about the FCG, but I think it counts as 3 compliant parts?) I really hope someone can clear this up for me, thanks!

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countring the fcg which is 3...and the tapco stock which is one more you only have 4 us made parts......that means you need 1 more....a us made pgrip would even it up to the magic #10.....the isreali parts are imported too so they dont help your count.....



you NEED to either do a us made gas piston, us made handguard or us made p grip......if you want your grip and handguard go with the gas piston....

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