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Just bought a new Remington 700 ADL in .308. Came with a scope and heavy varmit barrel for $450.00 at Dicks. The price was right and I'll replace the stock and scope as cash becomes available.


Using Ultramax 168 gr HPBT remanufactued ammo I'm getting 4-5" groups at 300yds. I'm going to try some match grade ammo and see what kind of accuracy I can get.


I can see that Remington was able to keep the cost low by selling it with the crap stock and the plastic trigger guard. I already had to order a new trigger guard, cracked the original torquing the screws down. :ded:

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Sweet deal, are you sure it's a plastic trigger guard? I've never seen a heavy bbl ADL.


If you don't have much cash, lots of guys sell their SPS Varmint takeoff stocks (that will fit your bbl) on barfcom for cheap. Though it isn't gonna be much better, and you'll have to buy bottom metal.


Thanks for sharing.



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Oh yea, it's definitely plastic. Don't know why I thought it could handle 65 in/lbs, that crapper split and ended my day at the range.


I'm looking at at a Bell Carlson stock to replace the original, which requires an upgrade to a BDL hinged floor plate and bottom metal and new screws and..........

on and on :rolleyes:

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Thanks Arik. I'm happy with the purchase. I plan on working on it some, change the stock, free float the barrel, maybe bed the action and after I save up some cash I'd like to put a quality scope with a mil dot reticule on it. It's going to be a project :rolleyes:


I'm lucky to live near a range that I can get out to 300 yds on. Until I broke the trigger guard I had it set up with a 200 yrd zero and was doing OK, but one thing I've noticed is that my groups are better at 200 yds than they are at 100 yds, weird. I'm thinking it has something to do with the bullet stabilizing in flight if that's possible. Looks like I need to do a little studying on external ballistics. Anyone have any other explanation?

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I've heard people say this before. I personally have never understood how a bullet can deviate enough to make a 1.5 inch group, then change direction to go back to centerline to make a smaller group at 200yds.......3-5 times in a row.


Here's my explanation - Do you shoot with your scope cranked up all the way? You might just be psyching yourself out at the close range, then when the target is a little "smaller", (relatively) the pressure is off.


Line up a target at 100yds, and a 200yd target directly behind it. Then shoot a group through both, I want to see if it really does it while aiming at a 100....

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My friend bought the same exact one last year, at Dicks, for the same exact price. Nice rifle! ...

Yep, your friend would have had a hard time beating Dicks for that price!

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