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So, I thought it was a fluke when it first happened, but my Remington 700 in .308 will frequently miss the round in the magazine when advancing the bolt.


WTF :unsure:


The only possible scenarios I can think of are:


1. The bolt lugs are out of spec, and not coming down far enough to consistently pick up the brass.


2. The "feed lips" of the magazine are too close together, not allowing the cartridge to sit high enough to be picked up.


Any other possible scenarios? I may need someone with a Rem 700 .308 to take some precision measurements soon, so I can compare.

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When people use a .308 mag for things like .284win, the bolt will miss the round because it sits too low (.284 being a wider cartridge with the same case head as .308) so they bend out the lips on the mag ever so slightly to allow the round to sit higher and catch the bolt. Seems to me If the gun shoots well, just tweak the mag lips a bit.


just my 2cp.

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I think your on to something when you say the round isn't sitting right.


I would check and see that the follower is attached to the mag spring properly.


Verify that the follower is moving smoothly in the magazine, and not getting all

"hemmed up" somehow.


Maybe give the spring a light pull to add some more upward pressure.


Then check and see if the walls of the magazine are clean and lightly lubed.




Now that I think of it, I never use the magazine. I'm always loading them in one at time to keep the rounds from getting hot.

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