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Lone Star Arms Performance Shotguns

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Licenced gunsmith and builder specializing in high performance work for Saiga 12 and Vepr 12 shotguns. Lone Star Arms high performance builds are among the fastest, and most reliable tactical shotguns available anywhere.

Each Lone Star Arms Saiga 12 is taken down to the barrel and receiver, and rebuilt, with each OEM part and 922r component individually refined, honed, tuned, and balanced to create unparalleled overall performance and complete reliability with all types of 12 gauge ammunition.

Lone Star Saiga 12 and Vepr 12 builds are designed to reliable, practical, easy and inexpensive to shoot, and require minimal maintenance. All Lone Star builds will cycle a wide range of commercially available 12 gauge ammunition, and are renowned for reliably and routinely cycling ammo that other S12 and Vepr 12 builds simply will not.

While no semi auto shotgun will cycle all ammunition absolutely perfectly all the time, our customers tell us that their Lone Star builds come closer than anything else they have ever seen - hands down.

Our builds aren't cheap, and so much time and effort are involved that we will never attempt, or be tempted to undercut or "meet" a competitors pricing. However, the work, and technical refinement involved in creating a Lone Star Saiga 12 firearm comes at a bargain price, when operating costs are compared to those of a typical S12.

Lone Star builds have been thoroughly range tested with everything from bulk pack bird shot at less than .19 (nineteen cents) per round, to law enforcement issue buck shot, and slug ammo (by LEO's).

Of special note to law enforcement, military, and security professionals: Training costs can be reduced three to six fold by replacing ammo that typically costs from .60 to $1.20 a round, with ammo that will reliably cycle for .20 a round. And, this can be accomplished without compromise because the same weapon and weapons platform can be used both in training and field operations.

For private gun owners, the cost for a trip to the range where 250 shells are expended can be reduced from $150 to $300 to less than $50, using a Lone Star Arms high performance build that will cycle both inexpensive bulk pack, and LEO/Heavy Defense spec ammo with equal performance, consistency, and reliability. Now that 20 round drums are available at $120 or less, it's sure nice to be able to take full advantage of all that extra capacity without trading your savings for expensive high brass ammo.

Do you own a Saiga 12 or Vepr 12 that you would like to have performance tuned? Call or email us for a quote!

For information contact:

Mike Rogers
Lone Star Arms LLC
Saiga 12 Performance
Box 90520

Albuquerque NM 87199


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