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Best factory (non-conversion) buttstock?

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I'm conversion-phobic and I'm probably going to pick up a Saiga in .223 at the gun show this weekend. I've already owned a Saiga 7.62, and I had put the Tapco Intrafuse T6 stock set on it. I did not have any major problems, except it didn't fit completely flush against the rifle, allowing some wiggle if you applied a little force. It also felt kind of cheap, as in low quality.


Are there any better non-conversion stock sets available? A folding or telescopic stock would be nice, but I'm primarily concerned with having a pistol grip, so I can cram the stock up under my armpit and fire CQB style. Thinking maybe one of the skeleton stocks? I also will be putting a scope on with the side mount, so take that into account for possible balance issues.

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personally, I wont have one of those things on any of my guns. They all feel flimsy and half-assed to me.

Why is it that you are afraid of the conversion?

If you are in or feel like making a trip to Central KY I will help you do the conversion if you bring the parts... its not hard and will take us 1 afternoon.

it is nothing to be scared of, and really changes the way the rifle feels in the hand, the weight distribution is just TONS better.

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Greg at Carolina Shooter Supply sells a wide variety of bolt-on stocks.




Honestly, you're probably going to be a lot happier converting, especially if you're thinking about CQB and what not, because converting your gun does increase the ergonomic quality considerably.


If you can answer YES to this question, you can convert your self: Can you use basic hand tools?


Seriously :)

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I see where you're coming from with the conversion fear. I was apprehensive too until I actually sat down and took the 10 minutes to drill the bolts out (with the encouragement of a friend). You'll get a better trigger, nicer stock, and a feeling of accomplishment if you convert. Hell, all you need is a power drill and a file if you want to go bare bones. If you're down in South Florida, feel free to PM me- I'd be happy to lend a hand/power tool.

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So, if I were to convert, do you all know of any good, complete kits for the job? Knowing I have all the parts and that they will definitely work without any drilling into the receiver will help ease my fear. I see Carolina Shooter Supply has one for $120, but are there any cheaper ones? I don't care about the pistol grip and stock: I can buy those myself (and know how to keep 922r compliant!), but I'd rather have someone more knowledgeable who's done this before pick out the rest of the stuff so I'm sure it will work.


I still kind of feel like the skeleton stock (factory) couldn't be that bad, since it's made by RAA and already comes on some rifles from the factory. On the other hand, it's $80, making it almost comparable to the Conversion Kit.



Oh and, by the way, the Saiga I'm purchasing will likely have the 21" barrel. Not sure how much that will affect the balance, I just prefer a longer barrel on any .223.

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you're worried about close quarters and you're workin with a 21" barrel???????

I'm sorry but you are contradicting yourself all over the place on this one....


anyway, to your questions.

All you need to get is a 'trigger set' which will come with hammer and trigger, Red Star Arms makes a really good adjustable one, but you'll have to grind the side of the hammer to get the BHO to fit, as you will with the Tapco trigger, Tromix and Dinzag both have pre-ground ones that work well also (I have a Tromix in my shotgun)- The tromix kit also comes with a 'shepards crook' to lock the pins back in, I have used e-clips, and also cotter pins.... all methods work so far, haven't had any issues with any of them, the e-clips are easiest to get on and off though.

square nut to drop through the receiver to attach the pistol grip

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