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Ammo problems with m44 and winchester

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Has anyone used the winchester 7.62 x 54R soft pint 180 gr ammon in a Nagant?


I just recieved my M44, and I have noticed that it takes a lot of force to close and open the bolt with the ammo loaded. And the bullet has what looks like rifleing marks (scrat) on it.


My mil. sur. Czech silvertip ammo, loads without any problems. The bolt does not require excessive force to open and close, and there are no marks on the bullet.


I tried to scan a pic of the scratches on the ammo, but they are hard to see.



Has anyone else had this problem? should I use this winchester ammo?

I only got 1 box.



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Verson, The Winchester ammo is made by S&B. Were are the scratches, on the case or on the bullet?


If you have not already found this site, it has just about anything you would want to know about the C&R guns.Parallax C&R Board

Save the brass for the 54R ammo, it is good brass for reloading. If you use a bunch of it, you could sell it to make back some $.

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Try this, start to chamber a round. Before you actually close the bolt, slide the action to the rear, and see if the scratches are there. If they are, they are from the feeding of the round. Compare the scratches to another round that has been fully chambered to see if they are the same or not. Most of these rifles have a layer of dried cosmoline in the chamber. Or shellac from a refinish job at the arsonal. Take a 20ga wire bore brush and chuck it up in a drill with a short section of a cleaning rod. Now dip the brush into some mineral spirits and stick the brush into the chamber and spin it with the drill for about a minute. Clean and dry out the chamber and check with one of the rounds that allready has scratches on it to see if it feels better. If it does, try a new case to see if they are still there. You might also have to take out the ectractor off of the bolt head to get out the gunk from under it. Is this your first Mosin? If it is, these rifles are notoreous for hard to close bolts. What is the country of origin? And year.

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okie, when not fully loading I have noticed that there tend to be more shoter and straight (the scratches) and these appear slightly higher on the bullet.


when closeing all the way the scratches are deeper longer and I'm thinking because the bullet is turning they seem to curve on the bullet.


I'll get the cleaning fluids tomorrow, I've got all the brushes but am out of cleaning fluid.


Well the first time I tried to close the bolt with the win. ammo it was so hard I really had doubts that I could close it. But I tried again and with enough force she did close. I have noticed that since the first time, it has been closeing somewhat better. Or I'm more use to it.


Yes this is my first Mosin, its a 1954 Romanian, with the new ATI stock.

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hey guys, I got an update on the winchester ammo.


I highly reccomend staying away from that brand and type I mentioned above. I put one though my rifle. I was very unhappy with its quality. It is way to hot, and wont function in my gun. I put one round though my rifle, and barely managed to get the bolt open.


the czech mil. sur. worked great, even at +40 years old

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