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So....who's gonna be first to market with a hicap S20 mag?

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looks like progress is being made. but 60 bucks is a little high for my pockets


$60 may seem like a lot but when you consider that theses are the first real S-20 high capacity mags (not franken-mags or uber rare factory mags) available to everyone and work very well (from all beta tester's evals) you will see they are well worth the price. I mean, how do you value/price something that has never been available before.

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The $60 price doesn't bother me. I'm just holding out for 8 - 10 rounders. Metal mags also kinda light my fire.


I don't compete 3 gun with my shotgun, so the 14rd mag is a little long for my use, which is practicing home / self defense.

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The $60 price doesn't bother me. I'm just holding out of 8 - 10 rounders. Metal mags also kinda light my fire.


I don't compete 3 gun with my shotgun, so the 14rd mag is a little long for my use, which is practicing home / self defense.


I believe there are plans for a different floor plate that would allow for these to be cut down to different capacities....

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every new product / build is a crap shoot. :eek:

you see what you believe is an opportunity, you try to guess what will sell, and then how to get it to work.

we just started marketing these and it take a little time to get people to know it's available and get a warm fuzzy that others have them and they work.

The people will vote with their money :dollar: as to if we made good or bad choices and we'll make adjustments from that.

we / I did not want to sell them from in house but the build cost on the 2 molding tools / man hours spent going back to correct issues ate into the dollar :dollar: range we need to make just to recover build cost.

Both CSS and MAA helped in the testing process along with Cobra76-2, all are stand up business'. :super::super::super:

I personally want to get my boss :devil::angel: satisfied so we can work with distributors and make deals for volume sales, but for now and as far as I've been told it's one price to anyone and everyone at any quantity (it's useless for me to send someone mags and they have to mark them up above what we're selling for retail, wholesale and retail have to be different). Seeing how he owns the company, signs my pay check, and can tell me "you're fired" :ded: I'm doing as told.


I should also point out my postings are not the view/s of saiga20mags.com. What I say is from the stand point of a Saiga owner, not a business. To my knowledge saiga20mags.com only interest is their product/s. So if I'm an asshole it's just me being me, not a business statement.

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I think you have a winner with the 14 round. Almost everyone wants big mags.


I've had a bunch of people asking about 10+ mags for the 20 gauge and as I've replied back. I can't make mags much larger then 8 rounds, that gets me into a multistage press and I can't afford that. So if you want over 8 rounds don't bother waiting on me.

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At this point in time both our friends at:


Mississippi Auto Arms (thanks Nathan),




Carolina Shooters Supply (thanks Greg)


will be carrying these magazines so please place your orders with these great businesses.

Both of them are class acts to do business with and great suppliers.




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sorry for asking this here, but didn't see a forum for the saiga20mags guys ...


First of all, outstanding decision on the capacity, using mine mostly for 3 gun matches, more is better! The clear can be useful in competitions ... not so much checking while the clock is rolling (round count should be in your head and part of the plan) ... I always like to know that the mag I grab is full and the type of load that's in it (shot size, or slug or rarely buckshot)


My real question is "Did a second round of testing ever happen?" Only thing I really saw was Cobra's video, which was a good start but seemed to indicate some changes were made. That was 7 july, and there's a single mag shown working in a follow up post (July 30) ... but haven't seen much follow up test results? I'd be mostly interested to know how many rounds were used in the testing, and the type of rounds used. Video is always good too :)

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During testing both ongoing here and by the people who were sent mags the things that were found and addressed by us were:

Magazine/s cracked when dropped was our biggest issue (only happened twice). The root cause was stress cracks created during the ejection. We added more ejector pins to the mag body tooling to insure smooth easy ejection of the parts.

Some failure to feeds FTF occurred in some guns. There are 2 possible causes:

We believe these for the most part are due to the gun owners' use of a light 1911 style recoil spring having to push against the heavy mag spring. As ordered our mag springs came with 20 coils, there is a notation on the Saiga forum and our web store that going to 15 or 16 coils may be needed. If a customer removes coils and leaves less than 15 coils that voids the warranty on the spring.


What we believe the other possible cause in FTFs was the test mags were sent out with a rough parting line on the followers. Now all followers are being hand sanded. I should also note here that the mags do seem in some case to have a break in period to smooth the action of the follower to the mag body, hence the more they are used the better they work. Plus they like to be loaded on an open bolt. When loading the mag some care is required to make sure the shells stack right.

The strength of the mag spring and tight fit of the follower as done to try to avoid some of the issues we had seen with someone else's mags. On the next order of springs we are planning to see about getting them with about 60 to 70% of the force of the ones in use now.


Addressing the subject of failure to eject FTE it is known the 20 gauge has some issues with that from the start, (my personal belief is the guns are under-gassed for USA made bird shot, added a 4th port to the gun I'm working on now). The only thing we did that may have an effect on this is again the reduction in coils in the mag spring.


Besides the piles of bird shot (my yard looks like a home for unwed shotgun hulls) I've shot several mags full of slugs and buckshot (expensive testing) and never had a failure to eject (or mag breakage) all FTEs have occurred shooting bird shot that was marginal in the cycling of the gun. This is why I have belief the root cause is the gun is under-gassed for birdshot and a lighter recoil spring may not completely overcome the issue in all guns.

Hope this information helps and I've been working on a conversion to one of my guns that we will shoot several videos with and post them. We'll use as many types and brands of ammo as we can.




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I'd like to add that the mags work well. One thing i did personally, was unscrew the screws holding the two pieces of the mag body together, by ONE turn. I found that the extra slop in the middle of the mag body didn't cause any negative effects on the shell stacking or follower. I left the top screw alone so the feed lips would remain tight.


The reason I did this: I found that federal would drag inside the mag ever so slightly... multiplied by 10-14 rounds and the follower didn't want to move very freely. Loosening the screws a turn relieved this issue and the followers pushed the shells freely.


These mags are designed much better than the Promag Sticks I have for my S12. Once I find some extra cash from a paycheck, I will be buying more.

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