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Loose Gas Block - WTF?

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I have a problem. I purchased some Bulgarian AK74 parts for my 545 conversion. I have read numerous posts on how to install the GB using a press or modified aluninum tube and sledge hammer. Imagine my surprise when the GB just slid over the barrel right into place. :sadam: Even after partially installing one pin, the GB is still loose. This cannot possibly be right. Are the Bulgy parts not compatible?

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Bulgarian parts worked fine for me... See if you can find someone to measure the inside diameter of a Bulgarian gas block. Mine's on my rifle so I can't measure it...

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L5K: Fortunately, I purchased more than one, and the other fit properly. Maybe the first one is not from an AK-74? I will measure it and post.


They both mic out at .590, but the one fits sloppy loose and the other one is tight. What up with that? The loose one has a "2" on the side, the tight one has a "4".

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Can you post a picture of them?


Are they both the 90 degree shape?



They are both 90 degrees. I will post pics with calipers, hopefully tonight.

Yeah, I know, they both measure the same but fit different. I really thought twice about posting that. Sounds like I don't have a clue! No offense taken, but I do know how to use calipers.

I just noticed the lightly engraved "4" next to the "2". Anybody know what it means?


post-16770-029480200 1280284487_thumb.jpg


post-16770-043012000 1280284546_thumb.jpg

post-16770-096647600 1280284569_thumb.jpg

post-16770-085514000 1280284645_thumb.jpg

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