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Sheriff Tony DeMeo, Nye County Nevada.... tells the Feds

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It is past time to start standing up for ourselves against Federal Entities who no longer operate within the law, Constitution and/or Bill of Rights.


The office of County Sheriff holds tremendous power, we need Sheriffs who know their power, the Law, Constitution and Bill of Rights, and are willing to use them to the fullest extent.

Willing to point their weapons at anyone, in particular, the Feds who widh to trample upon those Rights/Laws.

Some say the County Sheriff is too low on the totem pole, to effectively counter the Feds...

Well, who/what do you think is holding up the rest of the totem pole? The rest will come tumbling down if not supported.


Time for the States to do the same, but they are just as bad as the Fed, because the State's leadership are the cornerstones of the Federal machine.

Who are the members of the House and Senate, which form the collection of criminals called Congress? Thats right, they are the States themselves.


The Commies, Liberal/Progressives and such, of the late 40's, 50's and 60's learned they could not come in through the front door, that the majority of the ordinary citizens, would not stand for it.

They fought the Constitution/BoRs, they fought the system, they failed. They finally realized, that they must become the system, and do so in a step by step manner.

Start with the Universities, become the Lawyers.

Get elected, become the System, and make the Unconstitutional laws.

Become the Judges and legislate from the Bench... Under mine at every turn.

Become the Journalists, become the Media, misinform, twist and corrupt the truth, control what & how the Public sees whatever you want them to see... Blind the people, keep them mis/ill informed.

Takeover the public schools, indoctrinate and dumb down the general populace.


They have infiltrated every level/office of Government, Local, State and Federal, and they're destroying the military from within and without, only it is slower going there.


There is only one option left.

Tear it all down, start over, and make damned sure that every single civil servant, from the janitors to the President, are fanatical Constitutional Conservatives.

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I wholeheartedly agree with you Chili. When this guy said he was going to call his own SWAT to face down the Fed guns, I was ready to start cheering. Then, when he met with them and started explaining the CONSTITUTION to them, I was REALLY ready to start cheering.


The fucking Feds are bat-shit crazy drunk with power they don't own. It's not their RIGHT to do the shit they're doing. However, you're correct in saying they've infested themselves too deeply at this point.


I honestly don't think we can save this thing. Even if TRUE conservatives retake the House in November, it's too damn late. We're on a one-way track to breakdown. 0bama has done too much damage at this point to avoid what's coming.


The tax increases coming in January will halt ANY economic momentum we have left. The banning of oil exploration will slowly cause energy prices to increase and that will trickle down through every part of the economy. More jobs will go away and prices and taxes are going up. That's a recipe for pure disaster.


Look at what happened with Katrina. People COULD SEE it coming - just like the storm we're facing right now. They did NOTHING to prepare. Then, once there were dead people lying in the street, they freaked. The Super Dome went tribal and immediately turned into a garbage dump as well. The cops went around confiscating firearms in violation of the Second Amendment. Now, take that whole event nationwide and tell me what you think is coming. A fucking disaster, to be sure.

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Officials like Sheriff DeMeo and Sheriff Joe in Phoenix are the last bastions against total federal takeover. I suspect they derive more of their revenue directly from the people they serve and are less corruptible and easily cowed. The states have been bought with federal money. If there is going to be any sense of the balance of power the constitution writers designed the push back has to start on the lowest levels of government and that effort extended to influencing their state governments. Bottom line some or most of these issues will be decided in federal court where the judges are federally appointed so the decks are stacked against the correct constitutional conclusions immediately.


The federal government has declared war against the western states for a long time and it is accelerating. It is almost like the federal government wants to deprive them of all potential economic prosperity and turn the whole area into just one big wildlife preserve. Thinking most notable about the move to make shale oil development impossible.

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