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recoil buffer problem

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Tried out a Blackjack recoil buffer in my 410 today. Went "full auto" on me with a 10 round mag. Removed the buffer and it ran fine. Anyone else have trouble with this? If you try one you might want to use fewer rounds until you know it's ok.

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Answer me a couple questions, and let me make a couple comments....


First, is this a conversion? If so... are ALL the FCG parts replaced or not?


If this is a stock shotty... I would put the buffer in, and physically MOVE the components by hand without any rounds in it, make sure your parts lock up, unlock, move, slide, etc... properly... with the dust cover off you should be able to move it all by hand and watch everything inside, and see whats going on.


If EVERYTHING moves and locks up properly with the recoil buffer IN, and you are cycling by hand.. then...


this may sound SILLY... but... are you 100% absolutely SURE it was a slam fire, and NOT a "bumpfire"??


I can just see you get a bumpfire going, and hanging on for dear life going "OH FUCK!"


My 7 yr old son, when he shoots mine, will OFTEN get 2 or 3 rounds out in a "full auto" type bump, just holding the gun.. scares the shit outta me... cause it aint right....


my 410 will bump SUPER EASILY... thats why I ask... if it suprised you and you werent expecting it... with the buffer softening the recoil, it might have been just the trick to get it to go on you..



Other than that, without seeing it myself, not sure what to say other than check it by hand and WATCH what it does... make sure it all cycles properly, and nothing is hanging up or catching where it shouldnt.. Also.. if partial FCG was done, SWAP OUT THE PARTIAL PIECES with the RIGHT ONES!


good luck!



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This is converted to PG. I did reuse the Saiga hammer but it hasn't malfunctioned before I added the buffer. I was shooting from a sandbagged rest so I doubt it bump fired. I had a similar problem with my 7.62 after conversion but fixed that by using the G2 hammer. It has a buffer in it and works perfectly. I didn't use the G2 hammer in the 410 for two reasons: the disconnector wouldn't catch it reliably and the Saiga hammer is slightly offset to hit the also offset firing pin on my 410. I'm guessing that the recoil buffer is causing the bolt carrier to rebound faster than it should and preventing the hammer from fully engaging the disconnector every time. Hand cycling it with the buffer in it functions properly. Don't really need a recoil buffer with the light recoil from this gun anyway, just thought it might last longer with one. Thanks, Tom

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I used all the fire controll parts from Blackjack on the wife's conversion-ground the new hammer to look like the saiga one, including flattening it on the surface that strikes the firingpin. She uses a green buffer, and it has never doubled or jammed.



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