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Johnny Lee Cox

Born: Aug 10 1939

Died: Aug 17 2010

Age: 71

Served the People of this Country in the US Navy, 20 years active duty in the Pacific Fleet, was Honorably Discharged upon Retirement with the rank of (IIRC) E-6.

Served the State of Texas, and People of Lubbock County, as a Sheriffs Deputy for 15 years, was Honorably Medically Retired with the rank of Sergeant.


Remembered and loved as a Ornery Ol'Bastard of a Son of a Bitch, who loved small animals and made friends easily.

He leaves behind two children, five grandchildren, three brothers, a sister and a host of other relatives.


I called him Dad, he passed today and I'm going to miss him.

My beliefs say that he is with his family that has passed before and that I will see him again when I too pass.

Until then, I will hold on to my memories and he will hold a place in my heart.




Damn, but this sucks.

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Sorry to hear the news you and your family will be in my prayers. It's great that you believe there is a better place for us all and that you will be rejoined with your loved ones someday. Hang onto those beliefs as they will help with the pain of your loss knowing that this seperation is not permanent. I have a good understanding of how you feel as I lost my Father last October. Prayers and thoughts with you and your family, theDuke.

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Truly sad news.


I for one, thank your father for his years of service and sacrifice's to us all and will be sure say a special prayer for you and yours.


I firmly believe being re-united with him is the reward for a life well spent and is truly your final compensation.


Warmest Regards,


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Sorry to hear this, brother. Your dad is a hero in my book. He served in a huge capacity both in the armed forces and as an officer of the peace. May he rest easily and peacefully and smile down upon his family.


May you find peace of mind and be able to smile at all the good memories, Chile.

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your father, Chile. You have my condolences. You will always have your memories of your dad. Nothing can change that. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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To all who've replied here,

my wife's and I's thanks for your kind words.


Service is this Saturday here in Lubbock, beautiful memorial planned, including dual flag presentations, one from the V.A. and other from the Sheriffs, US & Texas flags respectively.

His body has gone to Texas Tech's medical research facilities, where he will continue to serve his fellow citizens, as were his wishes.


Again, Thank you all.


John & Carrie





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