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Hornady TAP LE "Urban" 110gr..308 load

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I wasn't going to post this becdause I figured there would be some disbelief, but decided so what. Someone might benefit from the info and that is something no one can own or should keep to themselves. It's called transparency and freedom of information. Anyway, yesterday I went to the Tac Pro Shooting Center at Mingus, Texas about an hour away from me and tried out some of the Hornady TAP LE .308 110gr. "Urban" load. I read an article in a Shotgun News by Peter Kokalis covering the DSA SA58 carbine. With a really high end scope they were able to milk a .3 moa group out of this fine rifle at 100yds. from a 16.25 inch barrel. Two weeks ago I picked up a Red Star Arms fully adjustable trigger group for my Saiga .308 "Strategic". I installed it with no problem and no mods other than what they recommend to the safety selector. Last weekend I picked up a box of the 110 gr. offering by Hornady. Yesterday I got some trigger time in and I am impressed! The conditions were almost perfect with temp. in mid to high 70's, almost no wind and low humidity. I shot from a concrete bench, Harris bipod and less than desirable makeshift rest to elevate the buttstock. I pulled my boresnake through the bbl. to get any residual oil out then I warmed up the barrel with a few rounds of nato 7.62X51. I shot two three round of Federal Premium with a 168gr. Sierra Match King BTHP but couldn't beat my best group I had previously shot at 1 1/16th center to center. Now for what your probably wanting to hear and have been patiently reading for. I shot several groups of the Hornady 110gr. and the best group I was able to get was 11/16ths of an inch center to center. I believe a better triggerman with the right equipment could achieve better groups. Anyway, I just thought I'd pass this info along to those that might benefit. I wanted to add that due to the fact I'm in the process of starting up my Polymer Grip Profiling business I'm going to part with my Saiga .308 Strategic(search Saiga .308 picture post) I know the Strategic sounds funky but there are too many Tactical rifles out there and I want to be different"just like everybody else"LOL. So I have put it on the auction block at GunBroker(search 2450paul). Thanks for reading all this. Paul G. Peek aka post-2332-019675900 1283723396_thumb.jpg2450paul

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These rounds are great for deer and groundhogs. They hammer deer and have the most graphic groundhog kills I've ever seen. Usually cheaper than standard hunting ammo also. I've shot 3 deer with these rounds and they didn't exit the deer. Just broke a rib or two on the far side. Field dressing was much easier since everything was mush and just poured out.

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