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better groups .308 Saiga AK or PSL ?

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Can't decide which one to buy, after the conversion and adding a PSO the price is roughly the same. If the Saiga .308 is at best a 2" MOA gun I would say it would be reckless to use as a DMR over 400 yards. The Rommanian PSL it I've been told reliable as a DMR out to 600 yards, but there are some poor QC and reliability issues with the PSL. The Saiga has a 25 round mag available. The ammo cost are getting to be pretty close.


Probably better off saving for an AR10 type setup ?

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I went 21" Saiga 308 over the PSL


The mags

The NEW parts in the Saiga

Can change the configuration with different stocks/handguards/grips/etc.

Not planning on shooting 450+ yards that often (no ranges here and 1/4 mile (aka 400 yds) is pretty far IMHO)

I did the work on it so I alone can't bitch at anyone.


PSL's are good out to about 700 yards and then they drop off.

10 round mags

not NEW

harder to get different options for handguards and such


If you check ballistics, most standard (out of box ammo) 308 loads will DROP OFF in ft. lbs. (aka steam) at 500 yards anyway and they DROP like a rock quick.


A tricked out AR10 may work for you but YOU are the deciding factor at 600 yard shooting unless you plan on clamping the rifle down every single time. and then there is that wind.. 6mph wind will move the 308 bullet 2.5-3 MOA at 500 yards...


Keep in mind on all these issues before you shell out $2000+ for anything. If you want a Saiga go with the Ver 21 for $599 its already converted and ready to go..


This debate comes up every 4 months and is posted further down in THIS section also.




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A 2MOA rifle/ammo combination at five hundred yards is +/- 5 inches off bullseye assuming you do your part perfectly. That hits a large mammal sized target easily but first you have to get a 2MOA combination. People using less than match grade ammo (hell all of us since who burns that stuff) may not see less than 3MOA. Some reloaders are reporting tighter groups once the ammo is dialed in for the rifle, no doubt they are seeing an improvement as all rifles do.


I like the 54R ammo as its cheap as hell for now but soon you could find no supply in the current regulators gone wild environment. Besides there's a lot of PSLs out there than are no more accurate than a Saiga anyway. Given that I would bank on the US made 308 round and the reliability of the Saiga being the deciding factors, but then I am biased.

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Initial thoughts are that I wouldnt consider the PSL unless you have Jim Fuller build it, or "tune up" one already built.


He's very helpful. Contact him and ask his opinion.


I think there may be some good info/thread(s) on PSL's and this comparison on Suarez's site




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