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opinions on best conversion parts for s 308

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I went Tapco G2 single hook basic.. most here go with the DInZag modified G2.. a little more money than the std G2 but worth it according to most.


Most go with the SAW pistol grip I noticed.. or now the MDArms 'molot' grip is coming up in rankings..


Arsenal NATO length stock is popular.. followed by the Tapco CLASSIC AK.. then either folders (Ace) or collapsible.. (Ace with hinge) or Tapco T6..


I'm running a Tapco on the 5.45x39, old wood on my 762x39, and a 'simulated' Bugy Triangular 'folder' on my 308 wrapped in ParaCord (550 cord).. (at the moment)


My 0.02




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Yea go with Dinzags modified G2. Its worth the wait. As far as furniture goes thats personal preference. I like the Saw grip personally. Several venders/manufacturers make trigger guards such as tac47 and saigatech, I belive CSS makes em too not sure tho. I think the consensus is definately Dinzags modified G2 for the .308 but for furniture you could browse our vendors for several options. Check out CSS they have a wide selection and fast shipping as well as great customer service.

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I've done many conversions on Saiga rifles, and have found what works for ME, and the what I believe to be the best bang for the buck.


Tapco furniture, Tapco G2(modified if for .308)FCG, and a Tapco pin retainer, all from Carolina Shooter's Supply. Greg and crew (if any) up there are BAD ASS. Furniture is a very personal thing though. I like the T-6, SAW, and Intrafuse combo, but all of Tapco's shit is great mileage for the money.


While you have them on the phone, I would also look into one of CSS's trigger guards, especially if your Saiga doesn't have the grip hole cut out already.

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