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30 round metal Mil-surp AK mags $9

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Anyone interested: Sportsman's Guide has 5 packs of VG to excellent used Romanian mil-surp metal 30 round AK mags for $44 and change, or for the mathematically challenged, $9 each. EVen with shipping it is only $10 each. That is as good as, or better than, any place else I have found them. (The best I found before that was $10 each + shipping). FYI

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I have been buying from them for about 10 or 12 years, and never had a single problem. YMMV


I had bad customer service from them, couldn't get the issue worked out, so I stopped dealing with them. I try to stick to smaller outfits now, where the owner actually is interested in providing good service to everyone, like most of the vendors here.

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:lolol::lolol::lolol: BigSal sells me his for $6 each and then wants a link :lolol::lolol:

There are reasons. A year or two ago sportsmans guide sold a number of magazines before sorting them. This allowed a number of Russian steel magazines Chinese magazines and other rare units to seep into the hands of the general public. Usually 1 in 4 was something other than romanian. I will wait to see the kind of arsenal stamps that people are getting before ordering. :smoke:

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don't Romanian have the metal ridge protruding along the front of the mag or is that Yugo mags?



what is the manufacture of the 10/22 mags can't tell if they have steel feed lips.





CDNN has these mags stell lined. I might be behind the curve so anyone with any info on whether they are any good or should i just stay with the steel



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The one that is to fat, give it the top a SLIGHT squeeze in a vise, just a tiny bit at a time.


All of mine fit fine, though the last one I opened up had a tiny bit of rust and a slight ding in the mag body I didn't see through the oil and the package. The other four were virtually unissued, though.

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AIM has squeaky clean looking NIW Bulgarian 30 round steel mags for $7.95 if you buy at least 10 ($8.95 is buy less than 10). With shipping, for 10 mags, it comes out to $90.41 out-the-door (to my door, anyway). So that's about $9.04/mag shipped. Pretty good.




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I bought two of the five packs from Sportsman'sGuide.

Pretty damned filthy, had to degrease, disassemble, scrub the crud off the outside and the inside surfaces, was like someone tossed a small handful of greasy dirt into each one.

One binds up pretty bad due to two dents in sidewall, it might be salvageable with a little work, one had been painted at some time, and was flaking badly, prepped and repainted, two showed enough surface rust inside and out, prepped & repainted and the rest ranged from slightly used to almost new. They all lock up well after modding, just a little normal wiggle.


Six (6) good mags outta ten (10) isn't very good, I won't reorder.




Bulgy Circle Tens FTW!

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Unfortunately, it is luck of the draw. I got 4 Excellent to new and one with ding and some rust under the oily bag, so it initially went un-noticed.. The greasy crud is probably old dried up cosmolene with a touch of rust. It looks like the new Bulgarians from AIM is a better buy.

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