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Wanting a Saiga, but which Caliber?

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I was drunk and being retarded last night. I mean, I do believe in the things I said, and I'm not really into the whole uber-tactical crap. I like hunting and shooing. I like the AK because it's a shit load of fun, ammo is cheap, it's durable, has a bit of historic value and it's easy as hell to introduce to a new shooter and get him/her on target and having fun. My girl really likes the AK now, she's pretty accurate with it out to 50 yards or so and the recoil isn't that bad and it was easy as hell to learn to use. Took like 10-15 mins of instruction and now she's comfortable with it. Those are my prioritys.


I'm not going to rip your arms off but I could. :lolol:



Don't take that stuff too seriously, I'm just trolling.

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I do not ascribe to a retreatist/survivalist mentality as most likely all roads will be clogged with traffic. I think it more prudent to stay put and protect your immediate familiar surroundings. I think a more reasonable approach would be to try to maintain a safe and calm neighborhood collective.



I agree. I live in a very urban area, takes at least 45 minutes on a normal afternoon to drive to somewhere that could kinda-srta-maybe be called semi-rural. Now with the roads clogged with millions feeling and the zombie hordes approaching? Not happening! Best bet would be to simply stay put, remain calm, and protect myself/house until things calmed down.


I can see the retreatist/survivalist method working well for those who live in rural areas but not for those of us in the 'burbs and 'urbs......

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