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How to read Saiga rear sight markings

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My markings go from A to 10 I am assuming the line under the numeral corresponds to that numeral.


What is "battle zero" on the rear sight.


The clicker adjuster clicks all the way to the rear. The ramp on which the sight sits has a bump in the rear. Is this Battle zero?





What do the numbers indicate? Does 1=100m, 2=200m, and so on?


Is there a thread topic on how to zero the iron sights-- if so please direct me to it..


What is the expected accuracy using iron sights, assuming I can see the target at 100 yards? Within a 12" or 24" circle?


Thanks in advance.

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I get a 4-6" 'string' with irons while standing.. a 'string' is 30-40 rounds... just plowing away.. :killer:


Nothing fancy.. as it gets hot or I get lazy it opens up..


The FRONT site post at 100 yard or meters is as big as the front post.. some buy smaller/thinner POSTs..





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1 meter = 1.1 yards. 100 meters = 110 yards 200 meters = 220 yards (approximate) A (battle sight) dead on at 225 meters = 247 yards,


Battle sight means no more than 5" high or 5" low (torso hold) out to 250 METERS. I personally sight mine with the rear sight on "2" making it dead on POA on a 25 yard sight in target (at 25 yards, of course). That should have you close to dead on at 200, and a couple inches high at 100. If shooting 100 or less, drop back to the 1 setting.

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Without going though everything that led us to somewhat of a consensus on battle zero it works out that 25 yards is good BZ and pretty much the norm. If that's all you ever do the rifle is ready to go. Now some like myself then recheck at 100 yds with the 1 setting which is fine also since the longer distance helps with that fine adjustment prob overkill but meh its shooting and shooting is fun. Its not any more complicated.

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